Optiarc AD-5280S: Do I need new firmware or not?

I recently bought an AD-5280S and have been reading discs no problem. However I’ve just tried to use it to burn some audio CDs (using Deepburner) and I get told it is “not a writing device”.

Add to this, the drive appears in the “safely remove hardware” list. I used to get this with HDDs prior to my last upgrade (when I purchased the Optiarc), and it was irritating then as well, but this is the first time it’s happened with a DVD-RW.

The Sony Optiarch page doesn’t list the 5280S, only the 5260S, although a Google search does reveal a product page. Neither model has “official” firmware available for download.

My questions, then:

Are the two things likely to be related?

Would fresh firmware fix either issue?

If so, which firmware version should I be using?

I’m grateful for any feedback here as I can’t find any suitable solutions online. I saw a vague reference to deleting System32 as it “blocks writing drives” but this was never elaborated upon. The only vaguely useful info was the SATA configuration and hot plug’n’play, but all my HPNP is disabled and if I change my BIOS to configure SATA for IDE then Windows just refuses to boot - my motherboard (ASUS P8Z77-V) clearly doesn’t have the advanced options that could be causing this problem.



Just to add: According to BinFlash my 5280S is already running firmware V1.01.

Have you put the drive on the Marvell controller or something? Put it on the Intel one and install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers (v10.8 or whatever). Mine don’t show up in the ‘Safely remove hardware and eject media’ list.

1.01 is the latest firmware for the 5280.

If Deepburner isn’t working correctly (this could be down to the Marvell chipset if that’s what it’s on), try using another program.