Optiarc AD-5280S-CB-PLUS



I’ve recently been told this ‘special’ model exists in the US. Does anyone have it?

I tried to buy one but a quick Google search only showed a few places selling it (newegg, amazon etc) and they don’t do international shipping :frowning:

I wonder if the firmware would work on a normal 5280S? :slight_smile:


Do you know what would be so special about that “plus” model?

If the hardware is compatible, it should be possible to flash the firmware of this drive to other models - however we might also need the drive’s bootcode.


I only know what I read here earlier - http://www.amazon.com/Sony-Optiarc-Speed-Burner-5280S-CB-PLUS/dp/B0086ZU8XK

The specially enhanced Sony Optiarc 5280S-CB-PLUS drive was developed as an enhanced archival/duplication grade writer drive. The CB series of drives from Sony Optiarc were created to provide improved burning performance and disc content longevity which are critical applications when creating long lasting archival media or burning mass duplication in a simultaneous multi-drive recording environment. With features like Secure Media Speed Stability, Enhanced Recording Stabilization Control, Enhanced CD-R duplication, Archival media compatibility, DVD+R DL overburn, and many other enhanced features makes the CB series the preferred writer drive of the archival and duplication industry. Even with all of these advantages, the CB series of Sony Optiarc drives remain competitively priced with similar ODD writer drives.


This one might be interesting to XBox 360 users


Hmm… indeed it might!

Not that overburning as a whole is anything new, but that’s an interesting official feature for them to have added.

So now I just need to get one here in the UK! (or attempt the firmware thing if/when that’s possible - which still means someone else needs to buy one :slight_smile: )



I just bought one from Newegg - I’ll tell y’all how it works in a few days-eh!!


Let me know if the drive refuses to dump its firmware with the current Binflash version. We might need the drive’s bootcode anyway and that’s not possible with public tools right now. :wink:


That would be great if we could convert 5280S-0B to 5280S-CB-Plus. In CB-Plus version tray fully ejected. I can’t buy CB-Plus version in my area but I can buy 5280S-0B for testing. I hope hardware the same…


I’ve got a dump of the drive’s firmware now.

That ID number thingy at the end of the file reads - Q30511


So they have the 305 also in the AD-5280S series, not only for AD-7280S.

The firmwares I have for AD-5280S were Q285. So these drives could have different hardware compared to the 305 drives, but I guess the AD-7280S with G305 should be compatible (assuming you do flash the corresponding bootcode as well and downgrade from AD-7280S to AD-5280S - losing DVD-RAM capabilities)


Hmm I ordered a 5280S last night hoping it might be useful - I guess it won’t if it turns out to be a Q285!

My 7280S seems to be the original G285 version so I’ll have to order another one of those and hope it’s a G305.

If you want the firmware dump, please PM me your email address and I’ll send it over.

I’ve never converted an Optiarc drive so I guess I’ll have to do some reading up on it. And you’re saying I’ll need the ‘11’ bootcode if my new 5280S and/or 7280S don’t ship with that one? Would that need to be extracted from the 5280S-CB-PLUS somehow? I’d have to relay that info to the person that has one - unless bigmike7 gets his one soon. :slight_smile:


I’ve just dumped firmware from AD-5280S-0b 1.01. It’s Q28507.
So now I have 5280S q28507 and 7280S G30511
Now I am going to remove cover and see what’s inside on both.

To me they looks absolutely the same inside. One chip in square windows in center different color.
I think they can be converted one into another. But it can be done only with some special tools for bootcode flash and so on. I can make photo if that is necessary.

To: LIGHTNING UK! Send me please firmware and I can try to flash it in 7280S.


Could somebody make a photo inside CB-Plus drive?


Having photos of your drives could be interesting. In particular the larger chip could be interesting (should be something with Renesas or maybe still NEC). The drives may however also have different optics. While the hardware would in general be compatible you’d probably be unable to read or write any disc or may even damage your drive.

Just sent a PM for obtaining the bootcodes which must be extracted from the drives.


I can’t ask you via pm I’ve been told that I don’t have 15 posts. Please confirm that you recieved my mail. Thank you!


Yep. Got your mail. We’re currently testing some things in the forum and I guess minimum of 15 posts for sending PMs is too much.

Binary comparison shows that the G305 firmware differs not only in a few Bytes from the G285 firmware. Haven’t checked a disassembler listing on what they actually changed.


I send you second part. Other part of plate and some info.


Got it, but quality is too bad to recongize details. The 5280S photo shows “7280S Rev.01” while I cannot see anything like that on the 7280S photo. So chances are that hardware is actually different.

Please also send me the 5260S firmware. I’ll then see if it’s different to those.

PM should also work for you now. Changed some settings here.


Quick update:
I received lots of firmware dumps that allowed me to do some investigations. Thanks to everyone for the files. First of all, beside the regular AD-5280S and AD-7280S bootcodes, there are also the AD-5280S-CB, AD-5280S-CB for duplicators (1.Z* firmware) and (seems to be) AD-7280S-CB bootcodes.

Comparing the regular with the CB bootcodes, it was impossible for me to find out whether they are really compatible or not. They might be, but flashing the wrong bootcode may as well brick your drive. Usually you should still be able to flash back to the original bootcode however.

I sent bootcode flashers along with firmwares to Lightning UK! - not sure if he’s brave enough to do some testing. :wink:

I will provide updates as soon as I have them.


Is Bootcode G30511 from 7280S drive different from 11 CB drive?