Optiarc AD-5280S/7280S/7283S Results & Discussion




JVC CD-R Music CD-R AUDIO Taiyo Yuden Made in Japan ATIP\MID: 97m24s01f
Optiarc AD-5280S CB Plus fw.1.Z8
Nero 2017 x16


Older writers better for CD-R?



Pleomax Samsung CD-R 97m17s06f MBI
Optiarc AD-5280S Plus fw 1.Z8
NERO 2018 x8


TDK CD-R Audio Printable CD-R AUDIO Ritek MID:97m15s17f Made in Tajwan
Optiarc Sony AD-5280S CB-ROBOT fw.ZG
NERO 2018 x8


I recently reviewed a 5290S & bought a regular 5290 at the same time, as I wanted to replace both drives in the pc is question. While I know Optiarc is no longer Sony or NEC; I had hoped for quality as I love my old 7220 & until the drawer died my old 7200.

While I don’t have scans handy, both drives were pretty bad. Scans were not in the same league as the 72xx’s. I did the scans on the 7220, as I quickly learned the scanning capability of the 5290 is also poor. I did burns on JVC TY+ pro, CSC TY+ pro & Optidisc - value line.

In fact, other than the Optidisc, a USB laptop burner called “Joyphy” that I was also reviewing did better writes. If I ever need these for important burns, they will be replaced. IMO, they’re junk.


Thta´s strange.

I don´t have an 5290(s) but I guess it´s just a rebadged LiteOn x24 F, maybe with modified FW

My last “real” Optiarc, the 7283s is not the same leage as actual cheap drives from LiteOn and LG, so I use the 7283s very rarely.

The best writers actual are Pioneers Half Height BD-writers. LGs 24x, the last 24x-drives from Samsung. LiteOn is similar, but a bit more worse for Double Layer DVDs