Optiarc AD-5170A/S, AD-7170A/S, AD-7173A/S



7173 supports LabelFlash and DVD-RAM
7170 supports DVD-RAM (no LabelFlash)
5170 is a cost-reduced version (no DVD-RAM, no LabelFlash)
S is SATA, A is PATA
for Sony-branded OEM versions: x170A, x170S (there is no Sony-branded 7173 equivalent)

Mitsubishi 16x +R
MCC004 @18x
Burn time: 05:27


That’s -R 16x
TYG03 @18x
burn time: 05:26


The scans look great. Could be a very promising drive


Indeed! It still has those nasty spikes though :frowning:


:iagree: Lets hope they all burn as well as this drive.


@2601, where was your drive manufactured? (check the drive sticker)


MIM(Malaysia). :wink:


Mitsubishi 16x -R
MCC03RG20 @18x
burn time: 05:26


Very impressive for 18x burns. :clap:


Can someone show some slower burns for comparison’s sake?


SONY 16x +R
SONYD21 @18x
burn time: 05:37


[B]2601[/B], thanks for sharing your scans! :slight_smile:

There are two things I would personally like to know:

How does the NEC Optiarc AD-7170A work as a scanner (both DVD and CD)?
Do you think we could see some comparative scans, showing the same disc scanned on your Optiarc drive and on your LiteOn and/or BenQ and/or Plextor drive?

How does the NEC Optiarc AD-7170A perform quality wise when burning CD-R media?


Damn! I think I have to buy another burner… :smiley:
I’d like to see some more MCC004 and and some TYG02 scans!


Will do the tests later if I have time. :slight_smile:


looking good


would like to buy this drive as well :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if you can change bit-type for dvd+r dl disc? or can it change bit type at all?


Do you mean booktype?


oops book type… so does anyone know?


If the burner in question can change the booktype, it should also be able to change the DVD+R to DVD-ROM, it should allow the same for DVD+R DL to be recognized as DVD-ROM. BenQ for example will do it via QSuite 2.1 and LiteOn by either Kprobe2 or the Booktype 135 utility.

*IF you were asking about specs on this burner (the AD-7170A), no joy. I found plenty of pages in simplified Chinese and German, but even where Google let you translate them (only German worked), I found no specs to tell you yes or no. Liggy and Dee have some speed specs on their webpage, but there’s nothing about its bitsetting capabilities, sorry.:disagree:


Could you also show us a quality scan that was made with the Optiarc itself?

Regarding the booktype, I assume the drive is able to change the booktype for DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM but not DVD+R or DVD+RW. Unfortunately I’m still unable to extract the firmware from this drive. :frowning: