Optiarc AD-5170A flashing error

Error while flashing firmware. Why?

> necflash.exe -version

Binflash - NEC version - © by Liggy and Herrie
Visit http://binflash.cdfreaks.com

Binflash version v1.42
Drive interface v1.34
NEC interface v1.42
NEC internal v1.42

> necflash.exe -scan

List of supported devices:

Device : E:
Vendor : Optiarc
Model : DVD RW AD-5170A
Firmware : 1.12

(RPC1 by Liggy, IDE 0(0) - PIO Mode)

> necflash.exe -v -flash 113bt_rpc1.bin E:

Identified drive: 26
Detected drive from Firmware: 26

Entering safe mode
Sending firmware to drive at 0x030000
Sending firmware to drive at 0x1e8000
Sending checksum abef to drive
Error submitting checksum
Error while flashing firmware

Welcome to the forum.
The IDE controller has to be in PIO mode for flashing. Probably the easiest way to do this is to boot the PC into safe mode (without network support) and flash the drive, then restart the PC and boot into Windows normally.

Why in Safe Mode only?

Device Manager->IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller->Extended Settings->setting PIO mode

Does it not solve a switching to PIO mode?

[QUOTE=BORODA©;1922102]Does it not solve a switching to PIO mode?[/QUOTE]
This also helps of course, but may be too complicated for some people. However you should be careful when you switch back. At least on my PC on my 7173A that arrived today, it only changes back to Multiword DMA instead of Ultra DMA. I could only fix this by rebooting.

I made reboot (just in case) and it was useless. But I flashed your Firmware 1.12 somehow. Where I can get older version of Binflash?

Older Binflash versions are not available for download and should not be necessary anyway.

Safe mode (without network support) was useless.

Current firmware
> necflash.exe -dump dump_112.bin e:


113bt_rpc1.bin MD5 = 1fba776ca5fc8905f9d704a3a09a2c87

> necflash.exe -v -flash 113bt_rpc1.bin E:

Error submitting checksumError while flashing firmware:


I checked your dump_112 file and the checksums inside are correct. So either your drive must still be working in DMA mode despite from what device manager tells you or your IDE controller doesn’t properly forward the send checksum command to the drive.