Optiarc ad-5170a dvd-rw trouble

I’m a first timer in these here forums, so i’ll lay down the background first:
AMD AM2 socket 4800+ processor
Gigabyte M57SLI-S4 mother board
3 SATA hard drives
1 Optiarc AD-5170A optical drive (firmware ver. 1.11)

I’m currently running winxp pro/win vista x86 home basic.

The problem:
I’ve recently installed the Vista operating system.
after installing it, my Optiarc stopped accepting DVD-R media.
it can accept the following:
CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R(after burning).
It is able to write and read all medias above.
When inserting the DVD-R media, the drive spins as if data had already been written on the media.
after restarting several times i’ve decided to try a different drive (have another lite-on DVD-RW drive).
the drive had accepted the media as DVD-R and burned successfuly.

Both windows OSs give the same reaction. In fact, when I restart and have a DVD-R media inside the optiarc, and the boot sequence reffers to “Boot from CD/DVD…” it spins again and won’t boot untill i remove the media from the drive.

I’ve tried dumping and updating the firmware (liggy’s 1.02). I don’t know if it was the right step but what is done, is done… I then recovered the original firmware.

Help would really be appreciated.


wow… I’m guessing this wasn’t the place? or no one can actually help…

Thanx a bunch for the views guys, appreciate it

I’ll just go out and buy a new one…

Does the drive run in UDMA4 mode??

Have no idea what UDMA4 means… sorry… I guess I’m reeeeeeealy new to this…

Just googled it… (woops…)
ok, so I found that my primary IDE and Secondary (I’m only using SATA HDDs so I’m guessing this is reffering to the DVD-RW).
It is running under Ultra DMA4.
Should I change this on both primary and secondary (to PIO that is)?
Or is this not the problem?

UDMA4 is fine.

Can’t help you with Vista, but under WinXP have you tried deleting the IDE controllers from Device Manager and rebooting? You might need to do this from safe-mode. I assume you’re using WinXP SP2 right?

Also I wouldn’t worry about the booting off a blank disc…that might be a BIOS problem if it never did that before.

yes I’m using SP2
my worry right now is the XP only, so don’t worry about the vista

I’ll try safe-mode->reboot->remove IDE->reboot into safe-mode again? or just a regular boot?

About the booting: I believe this whole problem is a BIOS misconfiguration of some sort. is there any way to reinstall the BIOS and return it to factory defaults?

i tried uninstalling and windows automatically installs it back after reboot
still doesn’t work.

I’ve tried using it on a different PC
does the same thing. Spins as if it were reading a dvd-rom.
what is wrong with my precious???

i finally tried a different company media DVD-R. guess what? it worked…
I’ve been using BR-Tech media. till today that is…