Optiarc AD-5170A DVD-R Writing Problem



Ok, I have a Sony AW-Q170A which I’ve flashed with Liggy’s AD-5170A Bitsetting Firmware 1.H1. The problem for quite some time is that I’ve not been able to burn DVD-R or erase DVD±RW discs. And now, when I try to update my firmware with the 1.G series, I get this error:

“Identified drive: 26 - 3036
Detected drive from Firmware: 27
Using NEC bitsetting commands version 4”

I don’t really think I’m making a mistake. But I’d like some help regarding these 3 problems.

PS: To Liggy and Dee, :bow:


This really belongs in the NEC/Optiarc forum, so I’m going to move you there.


thanks for that… :slight_smile:


Just use Binflash. :wink:

Or did you?


I did!!


The 1.G* firmwares are special firmwares for DVD duplicator hardware and they are not compatible with regular AD-5170A firmwares.


ok, so what do I do now??


Very simple: Don’t try to use one of the 1.G* firmwares. They won’t work on your drive.


I got that… I meant the writing and erasing problem… Will a lens clean help??

Also, my drive kinda gives up on copying files to my HDD from CDs or DVDs even if the disc isn’t scratched, any reasons for that??


I don’t think it’s a firmware problem anyway. It could be a faulty drive, but also something may be wrong wrong in your Windows installation.


ok… I’ll check the drive out… I guess my only option left is to find a lens cleaner…