Optiarc 7530b - where's the beef?

With a Dell Inspiron 6000 I had a dying Sony DVD drive - which I replaced with a 6650a I “thought” was new. Bought on eBay, and found an over-labeled unit with serial and manufacture barcodes blacked out. Am registering complaint with eBay, needless to say. The seller won’t answer.

Anyway - I just bought an Optiarc 7530b (online, but not from eBay) and installed it per Dell’s instructions. This unit, unlilke the 6650 - hums along beautifully, doesn’t freeze and whine.

OK, OK - I know - where’s my “beef?” Well - it is just that, unlike the previous drive, it doesn’t “lite up” during the boot-up sequence. Aside from that, it works perfectly. Such a beef, eh?

Also - I note that the 7530 is not listed on your Optiarc product list, and there’s even a note that the 7540 was the first Optiarc unit. Hmm, I hope somebody can set me straight on this, please!
Many thanks from a new forum member. . .

Wryter please let’s stick to your thread in the Newbie forum, rather than start all over again here. It’s basically cross-posting which we don’t allow.

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