Optiarc 7530A



anyone know any info regarding this drive (Optiarc 7530A) ? Is it possible to have RPC-1 on it ? Thank you in advance.


This is a laptop drive and it is speculated that it may be a rebadge and not an original NEC/Optiarc design.
A little bit more information can be found here.

I’m not sure whether a RPC1 firmware is available or not, but the red fox might help anyway. :wink:


At least the firmware version and the drive’s serial don’t look like genuine NEC/Optiarc drives to me and the commands that were previously used don’t work anymore.

So they either changed something again or these drives are based on a different design.


I have one too on My new Gateway Laptop. Mine has Firmware EX32.
Any way to Back this Firmware for Passing along?


all I know is that current binflash doesn’t work :frowning:


Nothing more to add to what sg10 said. Sorry.


I was wondering if any new info is available on this model?


Hi !
AD-7530A based on Meditek MT1888E.


So tools like mtkflash might work on this drive.