Optiarc 7290 and DVD+R MMC 004


I have issues burning these DVD+R discs. Near the end of the discs I got read errors.

The specs:
burning it @6x.
DVD+R MCC-004-00
Optiarc 7290H - 10D3

I see that there is no media descriptor for these discs:

DVD+R    supported media types:   28
         @  -072 16x,6x,1x
CMC MAG  R01-000 
EK        -008 
EN000T02  -025 
EN000T03    -006 
IS02.... 001-000 1x
LIPS        -065 
MBIPG101 R05-000 
MCC      001-000 
MPOMEDIA 080-000 1x
OHJPNR00  -004 
OHJPNR01  -005 
PNR00     -073 16x,2.4x,1x
PNR00    -073 16x,2.4x,1x
PNR01    -085 16x,4x
PRODISC  R01-000 
PRODISC  R03-000 1x
PRODISC  R05-001 1x
R8       AXO-078 
RICOHJPN R01-002 1x
RICOHJPN R02-003 1x
RICOHJPN R03-004 1x
RITEK    P16-000 1x
RITEK    R03-001 1x
RITEK    R05-000 1x
YUDEN000 T01-000 1x
YUDEN000 T03-000 1x

There is no error in imgburn log.

As I have seen in other optiarc drives reports there are PI errors near the end of the disc.

I can’t generate a PI report because the only drive I have is the burner itself.

If I try another firmware, although it hasn’t the media id in it is media table, I could see any benefit?

Can I use media code speed to patch the firm? If so, what I sould do?

Thank you very much

MCSE isn’t built to show the media table for that drive’s firmware [you can tell by how it fails to display many, if any, of the entries correctly]. MCC 004 is a well supported disc model.

Try to drop the write speed, if possible; 6x may oddly be too much for this drive. Maybe check to see if there are any physical defects near the edge of the discs, too.

Oh, and some PI Errors/PI Failures (PIE/PIF) are normal for every DVD, so what you see in other scans are probably usable discs. :slight_smile:

Another (external) drive may be required if it is not the fault of the media.

Thank you very much for your reponse

Oh, another note: this drive can likely scan media. There is nothing wrong with trying such a thing; the burning drive can be the scanning drive. :slight_smile:


This is the graph I got when scanning:

Uff time to check a new firm, or change media. Though Verbatim MCC 004 is supposed to be a good one, no? :confused:


Ok, the firmware was the culprit!

The 10D3 was able to do a good write @4X but 1H44 was able to do a good write @16X!

Using the info provided by liggy http://club.myce.com/f86/7290h-liggys-strategy-version-overview-331926/ I flashed to 1H44 and tried burning an MMC-004 disc of the same batch @16X and I got a good quality write. :iagree: