Optiarc 7203s

Hello! I hope someone here can help me out…I have been trying to find firmware for my Optiarc 7203s that will allow me to burn under 4x writing speed. I am very new and trying to teach myself…I installed the latest firmware but I have no idea what it did and my problem was not solved :slight_smile: At least the burner still works :slight_smile: I hope my question makes sense and thanks in advance for any help!

Welcome to the forums Echo123. What exactly are you trying to burn at such a slow speed? Most modern media/modern drives work better at slightly faster speeds…anywhere from 8x to 12x with good quality single layer dvds usually yields the best results.

Thanks for responding…I was just being cheap…trying to get rid of an old spindle. Thought I would learn something new. I am still surprised that DVD burners don’t even allow slow burning anymore :slight_smile: I saw a lot of firmware for that burner and assumed someone would have tweaked it to go faster AND slower but I have no idea what the difference is between any of the variations lol

You might try burning with ImgBurn. If the burner recognizes the disks properly, you should be able to set the burning speed down to 4x with it. These disks are rated at 4x, yes?

ImgBurn is free to download and use: www.imgburn.com