Optiarc 7200S Vs Samsung 203P

I will make some tests as for those 2 drives which are some of the best. I think that those Optiarcs are some of the best drives produced. But we also must consider that the 7200S is at the 1.06 firmware while Samsung (like LG) doesn’t give firmwares too often. I really don’t know why.

Both burns are very good.

I think so. The edge of one 3 spike can be balanced with the better jitter of Samsung.

[QUOTE=vroom;2119712]Both burns are very good.[/QUOTE]

And Same PIE AVG 1.34 :eek:
Thanks for the scan sverkalo :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tests, sverkalo :flower:…nice burns indeed.

Optiarc sees this MID @18x max while for Samsung the max is @20x.
Optiarc has a slight edge on a 18x burn.
Note that the Optiarc burn is a little bit faster as well.

And an overspeed. Something spoiled the Samsung’s burn at the end.
Again the Optiarc is a lot faster at this speed while it’s a lot better than the Sammy at the quality test.
I think Samsung’s techs must take notes.

Both burned @8x with CopyToDVD.

Both burned @16x with CopyToDVD. Optoarc’s burn seems a lot better but has lower score because of a single 4 spike.

Both burned @8x with CopyToDVD. In reality the Optiarc made the burn @6x while the Samsung maintain the 8x. Those Intenso branded are rated as 8x by the company. Both of those burns are not so good while the TRT’s are good. Samsung didn’t set the booktype to DVD-ROM while Optiarc set it to DVD-ROM. Another observation that can be made is that Optiarc’s disc was scanned at faster speed by the Liteon. The TRT’s were made at the same time!

Gigatain branded 8x max for both drives 12x.:Z:Z:Z

Optiarc is better on this.

Printable. Burned @8x.

@16x. Printable. 7200S looks awesome. Very well balanced.

Both over speeded @12x on a really bad media. Gigatain branded. Verbatims in reality!!!

Both burned @16x. Samsung gives 18x option but imagine if I would burn on that. Burn Out Branded.

[QUOTE=sverkalo;2121842]Both burned @16x. Samsung gives 18x option but imagine if I would burn on that. [U][B]Burn Out[/B][/U] Branded.[/QUOTE]

You give those discs to the one’s you hate? :bigsmile:

I hate only myself some times.
Philips branded. Optiarc’s burn it was going miraculous till 4G. Both burned @16x. Samsung didn’t like it at that seped but @4x gave bad results as well.

But still a better burn than the 203 :slight_smile:

Yes only the jitter is better on Samsung. When I made some comparisons between H62N and 203B it seemed to me that LG was a better choice only by some margins but this time Optiars seems a lot better. I hope Samsung will come out with a better firmware. As it seems also Samsung doesn’t understands right some discs and limits it’s burn speed for better results. Anyway and by my surprise (I was always an LG fan)72xx series are looking very good. I have removed the 7203S from my system before a while because it gave some burns with empty media… Or maybe it was the Liteon. I wasn’t sure and I removed it. Put back 203 and 7200S. I will try the 215 or I will wait for the 216. But as it seems only few drives (if any)can come near to 72xx at this time. AS I said at the past I have never liked NEC drives. I have also the impression again (not the knowledge) that CD/DVD doesn’t like the 20x 22x drives burns.