Optiarc 7190 or Lite-on 20A4P?

Which one of these drives should I get I need bitsetting scanning & good burning functions???

Also If you recommend the 7190 should I crossflash or get the 20A3P straight-up?

BTW I’m putting this into a external enclosure

I had the same question and ended up getting both drives - got a good deal on the 7190A OEM and 20A4P retail on Cyber Monday. I just received both drives and flashed the Optiarc to the LiteOn 20A3P - it was easy thanks to the instruction here on the forums. I need to update the firmwares before I start using them but the links to codeguys don’t seem to working, right now. I’ll be happy to let you know my preference once I get some burns done with both drives but for now I don’t think you can go too wrong with any of the drives you mentioned.

Thanks for the reply, yeah whenever you get a little bit of time on these drives will you let me know which one you like the best for burning & scanning Thanks

When do you think codeguy’s links will be fixed