Optiarc 7173S what is the newest firmware


I just purchased my new 7173S and checked the installed firmware. It is: 1-00.
Is this the newest one or are there newer ones.
Second question: Where is the official downloadsite to get the newest firmware versions, cause on sonynec-optiarc.com I didn’t find a way to download any firmware versions.

Thx, Dino Dini

Optiarc refers to NEC for their drive support, but 1-00 appears to be the latest available firmware.


I have a 7173S drive too. :wink:
Is it possible that in the nexttime a Firmware Update like the “Dee’s AD-7173A 1-O3 Modified Firmware” for 7173S come out?

Sorry for my bad english.
Deshalb auch noch in deutsch:
Gibt es eine Hoffnung, dass es fuer das 7173S-Laufwerk eine “Dee’s AD-7173S Modified Firmware” rauskommt?


Dee should currently have more than enough time for firmware modifications. Maybe I can talk her into patching a 7173S firmware. :bigsmile:


Great! Thank You! :bow: :slight_smile:

i’ve tried to flash the new 1-01 firmware for the AD-7173S but the original flasher shows some target error

someone got the 1-01 firmware for the AD-7173S as .bin format?
i could try to flash with binflash (firmware dump is ok)…

some AD-7173S RPC1 1-01 as .bin would also be great
on liggys & dees page i only found AD-7173S RPC1 1-00 as .bin

Why not just feed Binflash with the executable firmware? Although the program is called Binflash, it is not restricted to flashing Binfiles.

Liggy/Dee, would you be able to make an RPC1 version of the 7173S 1.01 firmware, please? Thank you so much :bow: