Optiarc 7170S problems



I just upgraded my system and added the Sony Optiarc 7170S drive to it. This may be a W2K issue but I am not sure. I can read a CD in the drive. When I load a DVD it tells me “Specified device, file or path not available” and nothing happens.

I went to Liggy and Dee’s site and downloaded and burned in the newst firmware.

I downloaded a trial version of Any DVD and it seemed to read it and remove the RCS needed to be able to copy. I don’t have a DVD-R with me so I can’t try to burn it.

I am a little confused about what’s supposed to make this drive work. There was no software with it. Do I need CloneDVD? Also Windows Media player doesn’t recognize it. This is my first foray into DVD’s. I really need this to work as my two sons are quickly destroying DVD’s and I need to make backups.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I have looked through the Nooby sticky’s and can’t find what I am looking for.


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To play a DVD-Video you will require something like PowerDVD.
To burn a disc you will require a burning application like Nero
To make a backup of a Video-DVD you will require DVDFab or AnyDVD along with CloneDVD.


I have an earlier version of Nero (5.5). Nero will read the cd’s in the Optiarc but won’t burn them. Do I need a new version?

Thanks, again.


Yes. Nero 5.5 won’t do for this drive. :slight_smile:


"Yes. Nero 5.5 won’t do for this drive. "

Does everything have cost more money??? :sad:



Nero 5.5 is so darn obsolete.

FREE tools are cdburnerxp and imgburn.


There are a couple of freeware options for burning data discs with your Optiarc, if you don’t want to pay for a newer Nero version.

DeepBurner (not the Pro version)
CDBurnerXP Pro
Burrrn (for burning audio CDs from music files)

Maybe you could try a few of those out. :slight_smile:

Edit: chef beat me to it :bigsmile:, and I forgot ImgBurn :wink:


Thanks for the links. I will try a couple.