Optiarc 7170A will not read CDs/DVDs - Old hardware to blame?

I have installed this DVD drive for a friend, but I can’t get it to work at all. His PC is just about outdated:

XP Home Edition w/SP1
AMD Athlon 750MHz
Mobo: FIC SD11
Chipset: AMD 750 Irongate
Video: 3dfx Voodoo3 (16MB)

Extended specs can be provided if needed. I have Everest Home Edition if anybody needs me to gather more info.

I cannot get this drive to even read the Nero 7 Essentials cd that came with it. It reads the contents of the cd through Windows Explorer, but cannot execute the setup, and the icons aren’t showing as as they should. Here is the drive with Nero 7 Essentials in:

For DVDs (official DVD movies purchased in-store, not copies of any sort), I get an error message:

This drive - the Optiarc 7170A - has been tested in my PC and works as it should, so I believe the drive is fine:

My specs:
XP Home Edition w/SP2
1.7GHz Pentium 4
Mobo: Asus P4B266-C
Chipset: Intel 845
512MB PC2700 RAM
Video: Geforce 6800GT

I need some guidance here folks. I’m not sure if i am dealing with a misconfiguration in the BIOS or something else…

Maybe the drive requires to run in UDMA4 mode too.

Check the ide cable and settings.

Is that accessible from Windows or the BIOS?

Thanks chef. You’re suggestion got me on the right track.
The Input/Output mode was set to 4, but I changed it to auto. I guess Windows XP set the drive according to specification because it appears to read CDs and DVDs now.

More testing though…burning is next.

Where did you find that setting Wedge?

ya…where can we find this setting ?

Im having a similar problem where as it will read CD’s fine, adn even BOOT off DVD’s after POST, but not read a DVD in windows. It reads CD’s in windows, Im lost.

Check the links in my sig.

I found these settings in the BIOS.

But i should make a correction: I set the drive (primary master, which is not really the convention)…I set the drive to “not installed” and Windows recognized the drive at bootup and everything works fine now. It plays DVDs and CDs without any issues.