Optiarc 7170a shows up as "CD Drive (D:)"

i need the firmware or bitsetting to update my dvd burner. it reads and plays all dvd’s and cd’s ive tried before. but it doesnt burn dvd’s when i try to through nero vision. it worked before, when it was functioning the right way, it showed up as “DVD RAM D:” i believe. i havent change any setting or drivers, it just stopped burning dvd’s. plz halp :]

What does Nero Vision say is wrong? [Can you post a screenshot or a burn log?]

nero doesnt say anything at all. ive had nero vision say that the burn was completed successfully. but when i try to play the disc, or put it back in my machine, its still blank ?_?


Try to disable whatever created those virtual drives and try again, please. :slight_smile:

Also, try ImgBurn to burn. Create an ISO or the DVD files with Nero Vision [should be alternatives to selecting a burning drive], write the ISO/DVD files with ImgBurn, and post a log of ImgBurn’s process.