Optiarc 7170A (Riplocked?)

I’ve had my 7170A since it’s been available from NewEgg, and I’ve loved it.

But, just a few days ago, for no reason, while ripping a dual-layer pressed dvd, I noticed it was ripping at very slow speeds & it became consistent, no matter which pressed DL I stuck in there.

It’ll start out at around 2.0x & work it’s way up to maybe 3.5x-4.0x (depending on the size of the DVD)

I’m using the 1.O3 firmware, and I KNOW it’s NOT supposed to be riplocked.

Burned DL media, works just fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

I would tend to wonder if either your 7170 drive or your Hard Drive have dropped out of DMA into PIO mode? I’ve had this happen while ripping discs before. Not sure why… I would suggest running NeroInfoTool to see what the settings are on both.

I tried NeroDriveSpeed, and while I’m ripping, I keep this tool running, and it says 12x for Pressed DL DVD’s.

Sometimes it lets me rip at full speed, other times, I’m stuck at 2.0x-4.0x.

So, I just default over to my BenQ drive for ripping when that happens.

But it is strange this doesn’t occur at all, while ripping a burned DL DVD.