Optiarc 5560A DVD Drive

New Dell Inspiron 1720

Optiarc 5560A DVD Drive

Windows Vista 32 bit

Worked when I got it.

Did SP1 Windows Update

I can burn CD’s but nothing else.

Updated drivers from Dell Site

Removed upper and lower filters

Reflashed the drive

Uninstalled the drive and reinstalled

No luck at all.

Dell says take the laptop back to factory setting…ie lose all data unless I want to spend days backing up 40G of data.

Anyone have any ideas?

PS…I begged them to let me have XP. No luck :a

Any and all help appreciated.


If it were me, I would buy an external HD (which is a good idea to have anyway, so you can create and save an image of your HD for restore and recovery purposes, and to store additional data on(if you use partition). THen use Acronis True Image to create an exact image of your HD (it only takes 30 minutes at most). Then you can safely restore back to the factory settings to see if that fixes things. Then from there, you need to determine what was done that messed up the settings.

Also, doesn’t your laptop have System Restore. You should be able to restore back to a time when you know that the drive worked, and see if that fixes it. You can always restore back to the present day…