Optiarc 5200S Porblem


I bought this PC a year ago, It was fine. Then the DVD-driver got broken, It did read, but only for few minutes at a time. That was changed to Optiarc 5200S. I installed it, Windows Vista did install the drivers, but this one won’t work at all. The led-is blinking and disk is rolling for some time. If I try to double-click on the driver on the My Computer-window, it will stuck and stop answering. Only solution is to reboot. Same if you insert a disk and open a media player, it will stop answering.

One weird thing is that if you have a disk inside when you start PC, the operation system won’t start. Only black screen appears. The HDD is set above the DVD-driver in the BIOS.

I tried to update firmware and motherboard-drivers. Any ideas?

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if you put the Windows install disc into the drive, and try to boot from the 5200, will it read the Windows install disc and load the Windows Install setup screen?

It will load. Then there is some kind of a picture, I think It is Windows Vista wallpaper or something. But only the wallpaper and the cursor.