Opti drive control or disk or data recorder problem

Hi there,

it’s my first post here :slight_smile:

I have a problem with my DVD recorder - every disk I burn, I have strange PIF and PIE peaks at the end of it. Sometimes OptiDriveControl doesn’t even finish:

The media is the best quality that one can find in my country - Verbatim MCC 004.

The drive is Toshiba-Samsung model (seen in the pic). Could it be the reason for this?

Also, could anyone tell me the difference between the two speed controls - the one near the title bar (8x in the pic), the other, in the bottom right (16x in the pic)?

Is your 222A a reliable scanner ? I’m doubtful about it, since I know an other 222A owner with same problem.
Or maybe the 222 is good enough for scanning, but not a “good” burner ? 22x Samsung are not very famous for that…

You could also update the firmware, SB02 is available, maybe it would help ?

I do not know much about my 222A, but it could be. When my previous NEC recorder went down, i had to find another IDE recorder fast, and there was not much choosing because this model was the only the tech shop had (all other were with SATA).

Now, I had burnt another disk with same contents in Linux, using K3B. Then I scanned with QpxTool, and the disk came out OK, with max 2 PIF and max 29 PIE.

So this narrows it down to either a software problem, or it was a media problem (which would be upsetting, because the MCC 004 is the only sort of DVDs I use for my collection :confused: ).

I will investigate this further, and will post updates here, but still - what is the best IDE scanner AND recorder that you know of?

If I have to buy another DVD recorder, the choice is now between LG and LiteON models. No Plextor, Pioneer or NEC, which, according to reviews I’ve found, have the best models.

EDIT: attached results


TSST drives are acceptable for scanning, at least for qualitative checks.
The disc above is a bad burn, you can see this by looking at the read speed graph - speed drops down at the end.
This could be related to the drive (indeed, 22x TSSTs don’t have a good reputation for burn quality) and perhaps a bad batch of media.

I would lower the speed, perhaps you get better results at 12x or 8x. Also, I’d recommend a scanning speed of 8x instead of 16x you selected.