Opti Drive Control -- by Erik Deppe

BDXL scanning seems not to be supported :frowning: Will see if it behaves the same way like 1.70 after hitting 50 GB mark.


This is what happens :frowning:

Screenshot bug still present:

So what´t the difference to 1.70?

1.70 also runs on Win10, IIRC.

No idea, for me it still doesn’t work if I start ODC first and then insert a disc in the drive, in that case it always gives the “Drive does not support this function” error. Same after one test is finished, and another disc is inserted. This is with Win 10 Pro.

Another bug that hasn’t been fixed, still not able to read disc label when there is only UDF file system (seems like the tool can only read from ISO9660 or Joliet file systems).

For me the only positive change is the license cost, 5€ is reasonable for me, I hope that everyone who did not have it yet will buy one, hopefully motivating the author to spend some time for tool development.

I’d love to have the ability to scan BDXL discs (problem seems to be related to display window only, it’s possible to pass the 50GB mark when setting manually the range), read disc label from UDF fs, have reliable screenshot saving (like Nero CD-DVD Speed) and be able to read the burn data when creating test disc from NCDS or let burn image files instead of test data. I find this feature to “embed” burn graph to a disc to be of great value.

Yes, the price is not bad. But still I wish to see improvements.

I guess he should bring an update some years earlier, dunno how many ppl are left which use/buy it.

A new version is released after 8 years and none of the known problems is solved?

What are the “bug fixes and user interface improvements” in 1.80 supposed to be?

The only difference I noticed so far (after running ~10 BD-R scans) is the progress shown on the taskbar as described on the site:

I don’t have iHBSx12 2nd generation drive to check if it’s still needed to toggle the scan speed in order to start it so I can’t report any difference there.

Just checked automatic reporting - due to screenshot bug it’s still useless:

Since you got into the trouble of reproducing the bugs maybe you should also email Erik Deppe about your findings and see what he has to say?

I sent another question to support address on Thursday, let’s see if I get any response :wink:

This is good news, I’d certainly pay for new features. Just bought it, 5 Euro is good, I’ve used ODC lots over the years.

Not sure how or where to post scanning results though. I’m too old for this new blog-forum, just to navigate to the end of a topic I have to press # and enter a very large number. Yes, I’m sure I’m doing it wrong :slight_smile:

Try to press the “End”-key


Easiest way is to click on the last activity of the thread you open, i.e.where it says 3h or 5d, that’ll take you directly to the end of the thread. Or has Tester_1 pointed out, press the END key, and you’ll be at the end of the thread. :wink:

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Just checked, still doesn’t work without the trick on 2nd generation LiteOn iHBSx12 drives.

Well, if none of the annoying bugs have been resolved, we can only hope that there are no new ones introduced with the update :smiley:

What I see is that there are threads related to each manufacturer/MID and type of media (like MKM BD-R which covers discs with VERBATIM family of MIDs independently if made by MKM or CMC). Attaching pictures is super easy in the new forum - I use copy and paste directly in the post editor window, no need to point to existing file which can be super handy if I want to remove disc label from the scan I publish.

Same problems as before, plus the program no longer runs on XP and Vista. I’m guessing the build environment was upgraded and, like with many devs, five seconds weren’t set aside for changing the default target settings. The product/download page was updated to reflect the lack of support for older versions of Windows, so Erik knows and apparently doesn’t care. This is not at all helpful for rigs routinely used for scanning that are also attached to specialized equipment that only has drivers for older OS versions.

I’ve attached an AutoHotKey script that I cobbled together a few years ago. It’s an automatic workaround for the iHBSx12 drive bug. It has worked flawlessly here for a few thousand scans with ODC 1.50. Let me know if it doesn’t work with other versions.

OptiAutoPub.zip (644 Bytes)

Tried using the coupon opti2020 in purchasing it work, paid $5 only.

I just managed to find a new bug in 1.80 vs 1.70. Scanning CD Bler doesn’t work properly any longer - jitter values are not displayed, and error values are shown as a percentage of something… My mail to support remains unanswered, so it doesn’t look to be a live project.

Same disc scanned on the same drive.