Optaric 7260S Strange problem


Just installed a new Optaric 7260S Drive and I’m experiencing weird issues with it, the drive works fine the very first time I insert a disc into it after either rebooting or powering up my pc(to test I used a pressed dvd movie), it reads the disc no problem but upon ejecting if I either try the same disc or any other disc the drive appears to lock up.

I can’t acces it through windows, any program that I try to access the drive with will lockup, windows media player for example and if I try to browse the contents of the drive on the desktop it shows the drive as empty and I get that green bar slowly moving across but it never goes away, even after it reaches the far right of the window (using win 7).

I’ve also noticed that the sata activity led on my case is on permanently the moment I try a 2nd disc in the drive after rebooting or powering up. Now I would of thought if the drive was faulty it just wouldn’t work at all, yet it always reads the 1st disc I put it just fine, ejecting and attempting to read a second disc is where the drive is appearing to lock up, although the led activity light on the drive itself does go out shortly after inserting the disc but I don’t hear the disc spin upto speed like you normally would & as mentioned above, the tower case sata activity led is stuck on until I reboot.

I am running ahci mode, the drive it replaced was an optaric 7170 which was working fine, I’ve also tried 2 different sata cables although both in the same port on the motherboard.

anyone got any ideas :confused:

Edit : Forgot to say I am using the standard microsoft AHCI driver.

Edit 2 : Just managed to get the drive to read the same disc twice but upon a third try the same problem occurs, solid tower case sata activity light & I can’t access the drive at all through windows, it seems right where the disc usually spins…had to halt what I was writing there as all of a sudden the drive spins up and access the disc (autoplay appeared on screen as I was writing this…well that took all of a few minutes for the drive to spin up the disc, what could be causing that?

Quick update, upon searching I found a post on another site (http://forum.digital-digest.com/showthread.php?t=87185), what he’s describing is exactly what’s going on with my 7260, makes interesting reading but still no definte yes or no about whether the drive is faulty!