OPPO's look on Mother's Day

I just posted the article OPPO’s look on Mother’s Day.

Next Sunday we will all be running around with cooked eggs, hot coffee and a bottle of cheap perfume to show our love. But according to OPPO this isn’t what mom is hoping for since they believe…

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Last weekend, we had some friends over while my brother was watching “The Fifth Element” on our 50" Panny plasma. One of the guests commented that “Blu-ray really makes a difference!” I had a hard time convincing him the movie was playing on a $169 Oppo player – had to show the actual DVD disc before he believed me, because he’d just seen the Blu-ray version of the sameat Best Buy while shopping for a new flat screen. I just looooooove my Oppo!!! :g

Tim…do NOT get your loved one cheap perfume!! Damn these Dutch are so frugal! :+ Buy an Oppo instead of a 700 dollar Bluray and use the money you save to get something nicer! OPPO ROCKS! I love my 971. Who needs Bluray? Oh yeah Sony. :S :B
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Crabbyappleton wrote “OPPO ROCKS! I love my 971. Who needs Bluray? Oh yeah Sony.” Crabby you’re going down in my estimation!!! Why such hatred of Sony? I too have an OPPO 971, and it doesn’t even come close when playing DVD’s on my PS3.

Oh wow Micro$oft is back! Yay!! We all thought your Sony VAIO computer got rootkitted. :B Dude, you need to put down the crack pipe and get some fresh air in those lungs! Read it and weep the PS3 is terrible at SD DVD. This is the review from secrets of home theater. I think they do unbiased reviews. http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/dvd-player-and-cd-player-reviews/dvd-players/sony-playstation-ps3-fw-2.1.html "Conclusions Like most game consoles, the PS3 is not what I would call a preferred video playback solution for standard DVDs. However, it is far and away one of the best Blu-ray players on the market today and an outstanding value for those looking to add HD support to their home theater system. But I would still recommend a higher quality stand alone DVD player for the more demanding home theater enthusiast. " Well, there you have it! I don’t know though, maybe they improved it in the past months with firmware updates. I hope so! those PS3’s are expensive!! :stuck_out_tongue:
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Rats duplicate post!
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Still loving both my OPPO DVD players, & since I’ve only got a 1080i TV, no need for Blu-Ray just yet, the picture looks fantastic. I wonder if OPPO will one day bring a lower priced, kick-ass Blu-Ray player to the market, maybe even one that plays 720p/1080p Matroska (MKV) files from DVDR’s…:slight_smile: That would certainly be the motivation I need to buy a nice 1080p TV.
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