OPPO unveils up-converting DVD player

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OPPO Digital has announced the launch of the DV-983H, a new up-converting DVD player. OPPO is known as a manufacturer of digital electronics and was awarded several times with other up-converting DVD…

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what cost one of them shit bluray players again ?

$399 for an up-converting DVD player!? What the hell are they smoking?? The Toshiba A3 (1080i), A30 and A35 (1080p) use the Anchor Bay video processor and you can get them at a fraction of that price with HD-DVD movies on FleaBay… If you dont mind waiting a few seconds for your player to boot, get any of the Toshiba models above since the playback of SD DVD media will probably be identical…
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First off, HD DVD is dead so it is not too swift to buy one of these now. Of course they are cheap on eBay, so are Clinton/Spitzer bumper stickers. (on second thought, that’s a bad example maybe I should print some up and se what I can get! ) :S Second, If you have a large collection of DVDs, this newest Oppo has the best playback quality of any player to date, tested at Secrets of Home Theater. “Introduction The DV-983H from Oppo Digital represents a lot of firsts. It is the first flagship design from Oppo, it is the first DVD player on the market to use the ABT-102 chip from Anchor Bay Technology(DVDO), and it is the first player to ever score a perfect 100 in the Secrets DVD Benchmarkâ„¢. Oppo has continually impressed us with their attention to detail and their ability to continue to push the envelope of price/performance with their DVD players and universal transports.” http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/cd-dvd-player-product-reviews/dvd-players/oppo-digital-dv-983h-dvd-player---a-secrets-dvd-benchmark-review.html So, it may be nice to have one whilst you wait and see what happens with Blu-ray. There is a very good possibility that this format will tank as well, partially due to being ahead of its time, expensive to produce, DRM out the *ss that is hard to crack, more DRM waiting in the wings for an install base, e.g. ICT. Couple that with the falling dollar, in the US, that makes it even harder to offer a player at an attractive, price point and Americans (who are a significant part of the potential market) are passing on these things like they are Kryptonite. Not to mention the movies for DVD and Blu-ray are the same except one is “clearer” and costs double. Finally, if you have sprung for a PS3, you have found out that they do a great job with Blu-ray, but they don’t handle DVDs very well. Also, although I am not into these formats, the Oppo handles DVD-Audio and SACD. If you can’t tell, I am a big fan of Oppo and their products. they give grewat support and good firmware updates. I think $399 is a lot of money too, but oddly, I would buy an Oppo before I would buy an HD-DVD player, or any other upconversion DVD player either as far as that goes, so I am a bit biased. :stuck_out_tongue: :o
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Maybe you missed my point… It definately wasnt about buying an HD-DVD player, but buying a comparable up-converting player based on the SAME video processor thats found in the new OPPO… I doubt the improvement is enough to justify spending $400 when you can buy a comparable product for around $100…

No x264 support.

is there a player with x264 support? You probably couldn’t do that on an upconverting dvd player, because the processing power would need to be pretty high. It’d be nice though, even if it was included in a bluray player (using the mkv container)

What’s the point in making DVD players that upcovert to 1080P but not include 24P in the specification? They want to you to buy to get the best out of your DVD collection but forget the one spec that Blu-Ray and previous Hd-DVD players had as an advantage. You could play standard DVD’s in native 1080P at 24fps.

According to the write up at Secrets of Home Theater, this was a consideration, but they could not offer 24P and maintain the same price point. I guess they had to draw the line. Interestingly, Oppo is also working on a Blu-ray player. @Hypnosis4U2NV _ Yep I got our point, this is why I said that I was biased towards Oppo and also, I said I would “oddly” prefer to spend the extra bucks on it reather than scarf an HD-DVD off of eBay. I know itr does not make sense, but I just don’t get excited about the HD DVD products, especially now. First thing I gotta do is get a 60"+ 1080p display as right now, I’m stuck at 42" @ 1080i and I have an Oppo 1080i upconverting player that I really like. But, unless something happens dramatically with prices, or my Panny plasma goes poof, I ain’t buyin’ nothin. :wink:
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I had a OPPO & loved it, BUT I bought a Toshiba HD for $99 last XMAS & even though it has gone out of style, it does a excellent of up converting my DVD’s. Better than the OPPO I had hooked up which surprised me until I reliazed it was a HD player & would do a good job on DVD’s. I got the HD player connected by HDMI to a HD ONYKO 7.1 & the sound is awesome. My point is you can pick up a HD player & have it convert & sound just as well as a Oppo if not better for a lot less money.