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The war is over, Blu-ray won the fight, but movie availability is not yet so large as for standard DVDs. Even if some “old” titles are being published also in Blu-ray format, a lot of…

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What? 400 bones for an up-converting DVD player? That’s just crazy. Looks like it has some nice features, like playing a DivX file off of a thumb drive, but I think I’d rather spend $100 on an LG or Panasonic. Oppo has a pretty good rep, but that’s too much of a premium. DukeNukem… talking out of my ass since I became a member.

Even the Oppo 980, at $170, out-performs many if not most BD players at upscaling DVDs. The Oppo players also offer many features that you can’t find in a BD player for playback, not to mention PALNTSC conversion and region-free hacks. 7:1 SACD/DVD-A and file playback is just the icing on the cake.

Oppo rulez :d

Oppo makes some outstanding players and, yes, their upconverting is a great match for many BD players. I’ve mentioned this in a prev post, but worth repeating: when my brother and his wife were over and were watching a flick (“Fifth Element”) on my 50" Pioneer plasma. My bro said “that blu-ray is really something, look at that detail!” When I told him it was a $169 upconverting player, he didn’t believe me until I showed him the Oppo close up. Amazing – and my 1200+ SD DVDs look better than ever! Oppo definitely rulez!!! :+

It’s too bad they don’t make a dvd changer :c . I like to load up 5 disks at a time and play them one after another

Can’t wait for their Blu-ray player top hit the market. Hopefully the BD side can be made region free as well…

@ witchdoctor You need to get out of the house more often. :+

Just wait! If Oppo comes out with their Blue Ray deck expect the quality to be second to none. If their standard top of the line DVD player is the best, then the Blue Ray player should be nothing less. I would wait for their Blue Ray player.

yes, but from what I’ve read, Blue Ray players don’t necessarily upconvert SD DVD’s as well as the players designed to do just that. Similar to DVD burners creating audio CD’s not as well as a CD-RW drive.

Oppo definately deserves a hand in helping revitalize SD DVD’s, but at $400 its gives quite a hit to the pocket… Buy a second hand Toshiba HD DVD player and enjoy similar results at a fraction of the price… Only downside is the boot time…

@Dukenukem Yea it is pricey; but considering that you won’t have to re-buy your movie library, it is probably cheaper to do than going totally Bluray.

@ shaolin007 Well, considering that I’d rather chew off my own arm than go Blu-ray, I guess you have a point.

Anyone with a sizable SD DVD library (100 - 1000+) and a decent LCD/Plasma monitor, the Oppo 983 is a bargain – both in video playback and audio. The picture is absolutely stunning and so close to HD that it’s almost negligible. The sonic output is audiophile quality. Movie lovers rejoice – thank you Oppo!! :o