Oppo DV-981HD DVD player reviewed @CNET



I just posted the article Oppo DV-981HD DVD player reviewed @CNET.

In spite of the war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD, the DVD player market is still alive and is producing a lot of quality players that are a good alternative to next generation optical formats. Recently…

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Lack of component output was the reason I purchased the Neodigits HELIOS H4000 upscaler… My only hdmi was taken up [cable box to tv] so having a upscaling dvd player with component outputs was a must. Works great on a Panasonic plasma… http://www.neodigits.com/


At the request of the entertainment cartel, most DVD players will refuse to upscale through the component outputs. (Helios claims the H4000 is the only one in the market that will do it and they may be right.)


Newer HDTV’s are coming with 2 HDMI Inputs. Anyways I own this brand OPPO and it scales from 480P up to 1080P.


Correct neo1918. we have the 4000 and the previous Helios 2085 [now called neodigits]. and both output razor sharp video same as any HD channel we view. Don’t know if it’s true hd but sure looks the same. My post should have said , “lack of a 2nd hdmi input”. Had we used component hookup [dvd to tv] with any commercial model, it would have detected component and knocked it back to standard 480p resolution. Macrovision copy protection stuff etc… the newer 4000 claims 1080p besides 1080i… btw: the 4000 packages a hdmi cable…