Oppo BDP-95 Question

I hope this isn’t violating any rules…

Does anyone have any info as to to whether any of the known hacks (hardware or software) for the Oppo 83 & 93 will work with the new 95?

if I can at least make it region free for dvd, i may spring for it. I flat out refuse to buy any player that’s not at least dvd region free. Blu rf would be ideal, but i definitely require DVD region bypass.

I understand we’re not allowed to ask for or post links, but I hope the general question isn’t a violation.

NO WAY for BD regionfree. Don’t waste time.

There are new, specific, mods available for the 93/95 platform for region-free DVD and BD use. They are available from the same sources that sold them for the 80/83 players. These are hardware mods. There is a software mod that works for DVD only, search eBay for “Oppo super disk”. The 93 and 95 players are hardware identical with respect to this topic, but the 95 has specific space issues that complicate the installation of the region-free mod. Functionally, the mods work the same for all the Oppo BD players.