Oppo BDP-93 Networking Universal Blu-ray Player First Look

Just when you thought there wasn’t a better Universal Blu-ray player on the market for under $500 than the legendary BDP-83 Universal Blu-ray Player, Oppo proves you wrong by unveiling a new successor model: the BDP-93. Carrying the same retail price ($499), Oppo’s BDP-93 has upped the bar by adding new networking/streaming features, increased performance and improved build quality.

The Oppo BDP-93 will do virtually everything the BDP-83 BD player did, plus have some major feature upgrades as listed below:

Blu-ray 3D support

Netflix streaming support
CinemaNow support
Additional network streaming features will be announced once partners certify the player. Oppo has divulged several of their potential partners to us and users should not be disappointed.
Wireless-N networking

Dual HDMI outputs. The two HDMI ports can be configured to support separate video and audio paths, or to support two displays at the same time.

Marvell KYOTO G2 chipset with Qdeo video processig(though prototypes were also built with the ABT2015)

eSATA port in addition to two USB ports

The new player is beautiful, with a brushed aluminum face plate and flush buttons. The tray even retracts so tightly into the front that it is virtually hidden when closed (note photos below). The connections on the back should look familiar, though Oppo has added a second HDMI that works off the circuitry powering the component video output - and it functions much in the same way, when it’s not being used as a dedicated audio output or mirrored HDMI out. This is an attractive player.
Link: http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/transports/high-definition-dvd-players-hd-dvd-blu-ray/oppo-bdp-93


Just popped in to report that the latest firmware release from Oppo includes a number of very cool new features, including alpha-numeric file sorting on removable drives, much improved indexing of very large drives with thousands of files, and last but not least, ISO file playback for DVD-A, DVD-V and BD. (on removable drives.

Official release notes:

  1. VUDU HD Movies is added to the “Internet” section of the Home Menu.

    2)The Netflix application is upgraded to version 2.1. This upgrade allows for Canadian customers to stream Netflix and adds the "Search" function.
    3) Upgrade the Blu-ray loader firmware (CN0900), which can read discs more quietly, smoothly and robustly.
    4) Add a new option for "Output Volume" in the setup menu (Setup -> Audio Processing -> Output Volume). You can either enable or disable volume control for the analog audio output. When "Output Volume" is set to "Fixed", the player outputs a fixed volume level that is the same as the volume control set to 100.  When “Output Volume” is set to “Variable”, the analog output volume can be controlled by the remote "VOL +/-" buttons.  If you use your A/V receiver or pre-amp to control the volume, we recommend disabling the volume control on the player to avoid accidentally reducing the player's output level.
    5) Add the "direct play" support for DVD-A discs. Once the disc loading is done, you can directly press the STOP followed by the PLAY buttons on the remote to start the playback. This feature is useful for customers who do not use a video monitor while playing audio discs.
    1. Added ID-Tag support for APE and FLAC files. Now these formats will show Title, Artist, Album and Genre on screen when played back at the Home Menu. Embedded Album Art is also supported for FLAC files.

    2. Added OGG and OGM Vorbis media support. For OGG, the channel number is limited up to 2 and the sample rate is limited up to 96KHz.

    3. Improve BD-Live connectivity. For example, “MovieIQ” will now properly connect and download additional media on selected Sony Pictures Blu-rays.

    4. Improve DLNA performance, which includes faster indexing and more reliable media playback, and added additional DLNA server support.

    5. Improve HDMI compatibility with some A/V receivers and televisions.

    6. Improve the general disc compatibility based on recent and upcoming Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples.

Thanks for the heads up.


That looks like a killer unit that plays almost any format living or almost dead.
Would be nice to replace most of the players on my shelf with just one excellent unit. Also sounds like it’s a good media player too so maybe a few more goodies as well. Have to put it on my watch list for a great price as 500 right now is a bit steep for me though it sounds like it’s worth it for everything you get.

Oppo primarily sells only direct, they spend exactly zero dollars on marketing and sales. Consequently the price does not vary or ever come down, $500 is a rock bottom price. The upside is that they hold their value on the used market. The previous BDP-83 is still bringing $350-375 used.

We used to say that if you could find a player that has the same features and performance at a better price, buy it. But the BDP-93 has so far exceeded every other player that it’s now the case that you can’t get the same performance and features at ANY price.

But the real value is in Oppo support, which is unmatched in the industry. Emails are usually answered within hours, the phone is actually answered and the 30-day return policy is never questioned. When repairs are needed, a 24hr turn-around is common. Oppo still supports every player they have ever made. Out of warranty repairs are a flat fee, usually around $60.

Oppo is a cult, and we drink the koolaid.

Well until I yet again upgrade my receiver I’ll need analog ins anyway:doh:I had a great Onkyo 777 DTS/THX unit that was 5.1 but was close to 10 years old, now I have a Onkyo 898 7.1 THX unit but it’s still old enough to not support HDMI but has all the analog ins and outs you’d ever need plus a bunch of digital optical and coaxial ins.