Opinions? Thinking of buying a Sony RDRHX780 DVD recorder with HDD


I had great Panasonic DMR EH55 but if crashed after only 18 months and I am not happy about Panasonic Canada’s help in getting it fixed so I am now considering a Sony RDRHX780. Seems like there are fewer and fewer DVD recorders with hard drives available in Canada any more as things are switching to Blue Ray so Sony is one of my few options and there would be better repair and warranty support here if something went wrong.

My main use for the unit is to record stuff and put it onto DVDs as well as use the set like a PVR.

Any opinions would be helpful.

(In the meantime I am looking to get the Panny repaired in the States so that issue is being handled separately).

thanks. :confused:

I have a Sony RDR-HX750 that I’m very happy with, but I’m not sure how alike or different the new 780 model is.

The only thing it doesn’t do well is set chapter points automatically - my older Sony RDR-HX910 does much better.

OK so I bought it and have had the new Sony RDRHX780 DVD recorder model for a few days and I am impressed. It lacks the TV guide,a few nice editing features and the 200Gig drive in my broken Panny EH55, but the high speed dubbing is very quiet and picture quality of DVDs is very good. Also, the Sony tuner gives a clearer picture. Editing is a bit combersome compared to the Panny but still pretty good and in fact, the Sony gives very smooth transition when you edit out sections of unwanted video. Finally, I bought an extended warranty for a total of 5 years parts and labour so I should get at least that time out of it while I only got 18 months usage of the Panasonic…Live and learn …I will still try and get that one fiixed. Anyways, thanks for the tip on the Sony, nice machine.

Glad to hear you’re satisfied with your new Sony recorder. :slight_smile:


Please please help!!! I have purchased a Sony RDR HX780 DVD recorder a couple of days ago for approx. NZ$500 for a personal use. I have tryed to copy a couple of DVDs and its not working. A message comes up saying that a DVD is copy protected. Is there are any way to go around it? Paying such price for a DVD recorder I thought it would be able to copy DVD, CDs…I am very frastrated as I really wasted money and I can’t even copy DVDs for every day use or as a back up copy.
Many thanks

Hi Shapulia, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

DVD recorders are not meant for copying DVDs, although some of them will copy DVDs that are not copy-protected. Even for DVDs that are not copy-protected, copying will be much slower than when doing it on a computer.

Your Sony RDR-HX780 will not copy CDs at all and it will not copy any DVDs that are copy-protected.

If you want to copy DVDs you should use a computer with a DVD burner instead.

A HDD/DVD recorder’s main purpose is to record TV broadcasts and watch them later and also play DVDs, usually with added features such as playing Audio CDs, MP3 files, JPEG files etc.


I have bought the Sony RDRHX780 and I am trying to copy content from the HDD to a DVD. I have inserted a DVD -R, DVD +R and DVD RW and it told me everytime that the DVD can’t be used. Is there a problem with my system?


I have bought a sony RDR-HX780 which records from tv onto hard drive well, but when it comes to watching the recorded programme it pauses every minute for about 2 seconds then continues for another full minute and pauses again and so on and so on. We can’t figure it out. We have reset it to factory setting according to manual but it still happens. Can anything be done to fix tis very annoying problem?

Am really bummed now, dvd rec9order now pauses for about 10 sec every minute instead of just 2.

There is an old thread for this Sony recorder at the AVS Forum. Perhaps you will find the answer in that thread, or you might want to post your questions there. Be sure to click on the box indicating that you want to post to an inactive older thread. If you post in that thread it will bring the thread up to the top where owners of these Sony recorders might see your post and respond.