Opinions on this



Will this idea work or is it another pie in the sky idea…
http://www.p2punite.net/ (not a p2p site btw)
comments welcome
btw it could maybe be a good idea but you must get the masses behind it…


I’m sure it would send them a message if you can get the masses behind it, but what are the chances of that? I’ll play along though. It’s just a week. It’s not like I don’t already have enought crap to watch/play etc. If there is something you want, just get it before or after that time. Even for non-p2p users, look at the trully evil shit these people are doing (like trying to get children to turn in thier parents and parents to turn in thier children). I can see it now, I’m sorry son but now there is no money for you to go to college when you grow up because you turned me in so we gave your college fund to the riaa/mpaa.