Opinions on these two drives?



I’m torn between the LG GSA-4163B and the NEC ND-3520A. Newegg has a swinging deal on the NEC today, but I don’t want to pick an inferior drive. Care to chime in and help a newbie out? TIA! :iagree:


I bought an Nec ND-3520A about two weeks ago for a back up burner and was pleasantly surprised when I tested this drive. It burns great and I have done PI and PO scans of the burned disc’s and it hands down beats my Plextor 716A and my Lite On 1633S for burn Quality, PI is 0.19 Avg. Dont have much experiance with LG but they will burn DVD Ram if you are so inclined. Think LG is probably better in the support area as well.


I also replaced my Plextor 712 with the NEC 3500. Had a BenQ 1620 for about two weeks but the burn quality was not very good. The 712 has more bells and whistles. Plus it is a 2 sheep burner.

This NEC 3500 is the best DVD writer out of the three drives.



I’m with furballi - and would try and get an “old” 3500 if I could - probably best 16x drive made to date IMO-

btw - I have two 3500’s



Based on the drives I have and I mean my “individual” drives.

Burn quality ratings.

  1. BenQ 1620
  2. Plextor 712
  3. NEC 3500
    4 LiteOn 812

Also, I returned my 4163 cause it couldn’t match my BenQ in supported media speeds and burn quality on the drive I had.