Opinions on Seagate 7200.8

Hey good folks I’m building a new rig. PCI,dual processor, and was going to use 2 200GB 7200.8 Seagates in raid-0. I picked the Seagates for pricepoint and specs. However I value those opinions in this forum so I thought I would ask your opinion. I know rapators are faster but they are also rather pricey. :bigsmile:

Seagate makes a very good drive (at least from a warranty standpoint). They are currently my drive of choice for customer builds. That being said, I would have one hell of a backup system in place If I had a 400 gig RAID 0 array in my system, or any RAID 0 for that matter. I would look around and find transfer rate specs on a single drive vs a RAID 0 setup to see what my speed vs data loss potential is. Sometimes you do not gain as much as you think you do on RAID 0 setups.

Thanks for the input dpunisher. I figured I am coming from a single HD (old machine) and I realy don’t have anything that I would hate loosing as I do a lot of Dig. Photo and download the ones I like to CD. I realy have a disk for everything as I have gotten so used to having just one drive. I wanted a lot of room to do some Vidio editing. I might look into doing a external HD backup using my old Hard drive or rigging something elde inexpensive.

There are fine drives, but you will gain nothing (performance-wise) from a single RAID-0 array with these drives. You’d be better off using them as separate drives. In fact, they may be slower in some ways then RAIDed.

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Would that be true even with a Athalon Manchester Dual core? Keep both or just do one fast 500GB?

Thanks again for the input rdgrimes. Are you realy from Deadwoo ND?

CPU has nothing to do with it. RAID-0 with these drives will be no faster than single drives ---- except on sustained transfers to another similar or faster array. When using a single drive/array system, the drive is constantly reading and writing at the same time, hence access time is the determining factor in how fast it “feels”. Any file larger than the cache will require multiple read/write commands, so you won’t feel any speed at all with RAID-0. In fact, the drive will spend almost as much time accessing as it does reading/writing.

On drives like Raptors, where access times are rediculously quick, everything changes.

Running these as separate drives gives you the option of dividing some tasks between the 2 drives, like editing/encoding video from one drive to the other, using one drive as a scratch/temp file disc, etc. This will give you more speed advantages than RAID-0. If you’re burning, using more than one drive will always be an advantage.

Not the fastest drives around…
Due to the high access time I wouldnt recommend using them as system drives but that’s not up to me to decide…

Thanks again rdgrimes I realy appreciate the time you took to give me an answer I could understand. I will give this a rethink as I have not locked into a situation as yet (more than likley Wed.)

Samsung drive

Significantly better seek time and same price.
HERE the Samsung is compared to Raptors and Seagate. In action, it appears very similar to the Seagate. Note that the Samsung is coolest and quietest.

On a somewhat limited budget, my choice might be the newest Raptor 74 and the Samsung. Using the Raptor for OS and applications, and the Samsung for storage and scratch disc. Warning: once you try Raptor, you are spoiled for life.

from all the reviews and stuff i read the 7200.8’s are complete crap, even the 7200.7 IDEs outperform them. i like my maxtor maxline III’s but they get a little loud when doing heavy hard-drive work

…and if you want a faster drive than the Samsung…


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I had some of the same ideas myself last night IE: the Raptor for the OS then the second as just two drives.-

Go for it. :iagree:

Keep in mind that the 36Gb sized one is a very old model so it’s not really that much faster than a 7200 RPM drive.