Opinions on Ritek 4X DVD-R?

Any strong opinions either way? Supermediastore has them 50 for $47 … thinking about ordering, but got burned by crummy GQs from Frys Electronics.


Jack in Phoenix

Office Depot has Maxell DVD-R, 4x, $27 for 2x 15-ct spindles. Far better media on most burners.

Ritek G04s work wonderfully on the LiteOn LDW411s and FS0F firmware. PI about 6.X, PO about .006

I use Ritek G04’s with my 411s and get PI’s in the hundreds. I am using FS0J firmware. I will not be buying any more of these from supermediastore.


Thanks to all for the input. I have the 411S and tho I am not sure what a PI is, I don’t think I want them. Will stay away from the Ritek.

Thanks Again,

Jack in Phoenix

RiTEK is great media. You won’t have any problems with them if you buy RiTEK or RiDATA branded discs. In my opinion the best bang for your buck. Check out the reviews of this media at www.dvdrhelp.com.