Opinions on instantcopy

Hey everyone!

Has anyone here tried Instantcopy before?? this is a link to it http://www.simtel.net/pub/pd/54738.html for those that dont know it… it claims to make true 1:1 copies… my question is how it erforms with the latest securerom and safedisk backups… you know like ut2003 disc1 which is such a pain to backup… will instantcopy make a perfect 1:1 copy of that??

Anyways any opinions reviews or comparisons with blindwrite, clone cd, alcohol would be appreciated.

Not sure about it making any 1:1 copy of a protected CD as its impossible to do so.

It think that program is just an hoax. It’s not possible to make 1:1 copies of most copy protections, only working copies.

I have used Instantcopy myself, and yes it does do 1 to 1 copys, however there cannot be any encryption on the DVD, the only way round it is to smartrip/dvddecrypt the dvd to your Hard drive first. they Use instant copy to Downsize/Copy the DVD to your DVDR. It is very good if you wish to keep all your menus extras on your Backup. I hope this helps:cool: