Opinions on HP Drives



anyone have any opinions on hp writers in general? (ie. personal experiences, good/bad burns, etc...) now, i'm not saying compared to plextor....no way, just in general.



I have a HP 7200I for about 2 years (over 70 burns) and still using it. Can’t complain


I bought a HP 8200i in the summertime (Canadian Summer) and have had a no problems at all with it. I’ve done over 100 burns of it and it’s all been good. I cant say muc for the bundleed software and I have heard about problems with Nero and DirectCD conflicting with each other so you’ll probably wan to get somthing else from www.cdrsoft.net. The hardware is good but if you’ve got the budget and availability go for a Plextor. I’'ve heard they are miles ahead of HP. I’ve never had a problem with it and if’s it’s your only choice go for it.


You get what you pay for… Whatever your buget consider a SCSI type. Not an IDE.


I bought the 8200i last fall, and I feel it is a great drive (especially for the money). I have maybe 50 burns out of it and no problems. It is pretty good at reading protected disks too, which sometimes other drives will have problems on.


IMHO… HP should stick to their printers and forget about writers…


I’ve got a HP 7200i for about a year now, about 200 burns, and it just got broken!!! I’m really pissed now! It’s not that I really use it but I need it now for it’s rewriting function! I also got a Mitsumi (4x), but it can’t RW!!! But I’m gonna call HP tomorrow because I’ve got it less than one year! (only 1,5 week left!!!)
I hope I can get a new one! Or maybe one in 4x & RW ofcourse! But I think I have to pay extra then!
It’s really weird you know, it start writing, the leadin, and when it’s done it freezes!!! I’ve tried clonecd, nero, cdrwin, winoncd + new installation + new firmware but nothing helps! So if someone knowes something…?!
Ach ja, we zien het wel weer!


Iv’e also a hp 7200i for 9 months and good for about 500 cd’s. It’s a very stable cd-writer. But it has too much limitations for the great cdwriting programs like nero and cdrwin, but i’m glad CloneCD works on it, and overburning works for 76min30sec.


My first burner was a HP 6020i , and the only problems i´ve had with it, was the first 5 cd´s, when i didn´t understand how the burning program worked, and one time when my SCSI card was broken…
But i think that HP is a great manufacter of cdr drives


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But i think that HP is a great manufacter of cdr drives

as far as i know (i don’t know about the latest models) HP never designed/manufactered any of their writer models themselves…
they bought a model of yamaha or philips and put their label on it…


Hi !
I bought a Hp820e (or something like that
for my laptop and it works perfectly…

Obike Fixx.



I bought a HP 8210i IDE burner last Monday and have already back up over half a dozen games successfully. Worth every penny.

Ch5 Micky


hi there…i just got the new SCSI drive 9210i and its a beauty…i got no problems whit it at all…i used to have 8210i and also there there was never any problems whit the drive, i have burnd over 1000 disc and only 5 buffer-under-run, but that was my own fault…and the new 9210i does suport 80min
sorry about my bad english…so if u want a good backup drive get HP…


I have got an HP7100i for 3 years now, in the first year it broke down and HP sended me bye mail a brand new one in 1 week…
Good sevice


Hp9110i and its SCSI equivilent are very good drives both with their good and bad points.They are CloneCd compatable,can raw write but can’t read digital ID so a good CD/DVD reader may be requiredif you wanna copy Secucom(or whatever its called).Although no-one seems to no for sure whether it can Overburn.
Though I have to say that SCSI can be alot dearer than IDE and I don’t think its worth the money.IDE has served me very well with no problems and alot of other people too.
What about them Plextor Drives then , have you successfully copyed many PSX and Safedisk protected games with them and with what Program Did you use??
I heard that they’re trying to make it CloneCd compatable , but as I have little patience and need a Drive now I’m gonna go get me a HP9110i


Two of my five cd-r(w)s are HP…
7200i and 8200i

Can’t complain.

I’ve burned over 2500 cds with the 7200i, and over 1500 with the 8200i.
And they are still working…