Opinions on discjuggler please

As some of you know, I’m writing a review on dj (yes, domi I know it’s overdue but I’ve been tied up with work lately).

Now I’ve completed extensive testing of its cd burning capabilities but I don’t have a dvd burner to test those functions.

Accordingly, I’d be grateful if those of you who do could post your opinions/results using dj as a dvd app.


DJ has burned .img files for movie backups for me without a problem. Also used it to backup a couple ps2 games, which worked without a hitch. No complaints from me.


I have use DJ for years now for copying on the fly VCD’s & SVCD’s with ever a hitch. Absolutely fantastic for that.

With my recent purchase of a DVD Burner, to be honest I have used DJ very few times for DVD stuff. I have burn out ISO images made by DVD Decrypter with no problems what so ever. I have done 1 only DVDROM to DVD Burner on the fly copy, again with no problems. Sorry thats it, but all went fine and all play fine on my DVD Player.