Opinions on best brand dvd media and + or -R for lite-on SOHW 832s



hey everybody. newbie here. i’m not really a newbie to burning dvds, just a newbie to this forum. i have been having problems w/ maxell dvd-r 4x discs having crc errors on them. i also use verbatim dvd-r 8x and so far no problems w/ them. i wanted to get some opinions from people on what brands seem to work best on their lite-on sohw 832s burner and if it seems to prefer +R or -R. the only reason i use -R is that my stand-alone player is just over 2 years old and i figured they might be more likely to play in it. which they do, btw.
thanx in advance.


I like Taiyo Yuden have worked real well for me. I also had good luck with Ritek with the Ricoh code. These have been the best two by far.


and u have the lite-on sohw 832s? do u use +R or -R?


nevermind. i found a link on this forum that answered my questions exactly. thanx.