Opinions on Asus CRW-2410A with CloneCD

Hi everyone!
I’ve been looking around for a new CDRW drive after reading here that my current burner the Creative 1210E (12x10x32), isn’t a very good games CD backup burner for CloneCd purposes. ( protecting Jedi KnightII in particular, but there’ll be more.).And It’s lousy at not being able to play the newest musical CD’s (not even to burn them, just play them.)
Although I know there are more recent Asus CDRW drives, the only model available to buy in the Asus range currently is the
Asus CRW-2410A 24x10x40.

I’m looking at the Asus models as it seems they’re the only recent CDRW drives that still burn CD-R’s from 4x upwards.
Can anyone tell me if this Asus CRW2410A is as good as the CRW4012A in the CloneCD “Sheep ratings”? The 24speed model listed on the Clone CD website is a CRW2410S.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

how come its the only one avaliable ?

where are you from ?

i doubt the 24 can write correct EFM like the 40x…this is only a guess however, as the 2410S cannot do it, it would be very uncommon for a manafacturer to change chipsets halfway through the distribution of a single product.

however, this is just my assumtions and ramblings.

Thank you for your thoughts Huzzy!
Unfortunately,I’m having a hard time finding any local PC stores in my area that actually sell Asus CDRW drives., hence the question on the 2410A.
I’d read elsewhere that the Asus drives might be a better all-rounder compared to the Liteon’s. (For example recent protected audio CD’s).
But it looks like I’ll have to try & search a little harder & see if I can unearth one.
But why would the 1610A & the 40x Asus CDRW drives have the correct chipset, & the 24x version doesn’t?:confused:

any shop that sells A SINGLE asus obviously has contacts with an asus distibuter…and therefore will be able to order more/newest models.

just ask them…get the model number and ask for a price and ETA…99% chance they will order it for you. you may have to put a 20$ deposit to make sure you arnt messing them about.


I can’t my grubby hands on the 24x ASUS but I suspect it was a break in the tradition of SD2 killers.

Confirmed .021 killers are the 16x, 40x & 48x