Opinions on 123 Copy DVD?


I have read several recommendations for DVD burning software suite, 123 Copy DVD, but I have also found complaints from a few people that it’s not working for them. Have you tried using it, and if so, what was your experience? I will probably go ahead and get it, but I’d like to know if there are any issues I should be aware of or solutions to problems that might come up. Thanks in advance!


I bought 123 copy dvd several months ago. I burned several coasters and quit using it. I heard that they had an update available so I downloaded and installed it and burned a couple more coasters. I did contact their tech support, they recommended uninstalling all other burning software, but I use Nero and Easy Media Creator too much to uninstall them, so I went back to DVD Shrink and gave up on 123 DVD Copy. Hopefully if you buy it, it works better for you.

I downloaded it a few weeks ago and have used it to back up several dozen movies already. I did have some problems getting it to work the first couple times I tried to use it, but the automatic update took affect the next time I used the software, and I haven’t had a single problem since.

For me at least, it does the job and it’s inexpensive. I think there’s still a free trial available at Download.com, but you might have to buy to get the decryption plug-in. Might be a good way to try it, though.

I bought it yesterday. So far it has been a nitemare. Im doing one more test then will write a report in the transcode forum. :a

Always start with DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter. They are freeware and it gives you somewhere to start. If it doesn’t produce the results that you like then you didn’t waste any money on it. CCE is the only DVD Burning software that I would personally invest money in. However, you will get different responses on that. Anyways, start with the freeware programs. They may do a good enough job that you won’t even need to invest any money in software.

It’s transcoding software actually and it is the best. The best thing to do is spend $60 on the besic version (has the same engine as the SP but little tweaks) and use it with dvd rebuilder (freeware).

Yeah, sorry. I phrased that poorly. Transcoding is what I meant. :wink:

it’s not transcoding software either, it’s encoding software, heh.

Downloaded trial version, plug-in, read the review thread, used the “feature only” and “english”. The program indicated this would yield a 3.5 GB disc. OK, set up my HP DVD 300E writer with my P4 2.8/512 and chose the “slow” setting for best quality. 50 minutes later, “DVD has been burned”.

Results: DVD won’t play in PowerDVD, MediaPlayer10, or aiwa set top.

PowerDVD generates: directory error.

Another shiny coaster courtesy of 123 Copy?