Opinions on 107D's 1.15 firmware

Was wondering what the opinons are on firmware 1.15?
Any better/worse writes since upgrading?


Write quality of 1.15 is better than 1.13.


Well i reckon its much smoother in writing but its so SLOW on ripping, have lots of tea in the pot to use this version after 1.13.

I cant wait to see when and if a hacked version appears of 1.15. Then its getting useable for me.

Yeah it’s strange how writing quality seems to mysteriously get better with every firmware release! :slight_smile:


To be honest, I have not had a problem with my 107D since I upgraded it to firmware revision 1.09. I assume its better, but the drive has always worked anyways.

has not worked for me with verbatim 8x dvd+r discs :frowning:

Yeah, Pioneer really needs to polish up their +R write strategies…

Verbatim 8x DVD+R produce great burns from my 107D.

Does anyone else get the feeling that recordable DVD as a format still hasn’t matured yet? It reminds me very much of the first few years of CD burning. I think that we are all still “early adopters”.


Exactly that thought was on my mind a few days ago.

About 1.15 - I’ve used the h_cked fw so far but returned to official since more media is added and due to the fact I had a lot of coasters when burning @ 8x with the h_cked fw. In my case the new fw is very good @ 6x but when trying @ 8x it still has big troubles. When it’s speeding up from 6x to 8x i still get coasters, so for now i stick to 4x or 6x. That makes good discs everytime :slight_smile: Atm i use Datawrite/FUJIFILM03 8x, cheap and good.