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I am a University Student based in London currently researching attitudes to DRM technologies and Intellectual Protection Rights. If you have some constructive opinions I would be extremely grateful if you could answer my short Questionnaire linked below, any details you supply as to your position and identity is at your discretion.
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DRM & IPR Technologies Survey


I wasnt really sure what you were asking in your questions, but maybe im just weird. ‘intellectual protection rights’? havent heard of that one. But as many have said, the more DRM, rootkits etc the industry plagues users with, the more it’s shooting itself in the foot.


I don’t get question 1 , but i filled in the survey.

This is one of the worst survey’s i have ever seen. The questions suck, the website itself sucks and i can’t believe you actually put effort in this survey.


At a guess IP = Intellectual property. If it does then Q1 means when you buy something you arent actually buying something to own if it has DRM on it.

Also @ the OP. The problem with your questionaire is it is solely designed for other DRM experts to answer. You really need to dumb it down for the general public or non DRM experts to know and effectiently answer. If you dont then your dissertation will be flawed and i can pretty much guarentee you your project leader/marker will down mark you for it.


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Here is my opinion. Let us not be sheep following the corrupt bribing of politicians, ripping off of artists and the proven to be criminals in a courts of law, RIAA membership. Microsoft and Apple want to get total control of the market place and they are the “new” RIAA.

[li] Being “legal” with laws and accepting laws that destroy creativity, competition, income and choices for artists, limit distribution of artists work,
[/li]allow for infringment in other industries, like ISPs who are being force to pay take a lot of their resources to help police an entire different industry makes no sense. Every year, less and less artists materials are allowed to be distributed by the monopolies and oligopolies whose marketing have made so many of us just lambs who accept their propaganda.
[li]I remember, when there was some competition in the software market place, that Microsoft, of all people, made a stand in the industry. Lotus had some crummy type of copy protection as did most distributed software. Microsoft decided that they were against copy protection, that it was bad for business, bad for consumers, overly complicated matters and when it was removed from Microsoft Office and Windows, it gave them a enormous push and increased their sales and market share enormously.
[/li][li] I think it is important for all of us to support and use open source software, support “donationware” type of companies and support standard for profit companies that are small, creative and innovative. Microsoft and Apple will try to crush them.
[/li][li]Itunes may be legal, but it is not “decent”, ethical, innovative or operates in any kind of moral way, Remember when Apple went crazy when someone was going to put Real Player on their precious, overated, limited iPUSS. Therer is virtually nothing new or innovative in a IPuSS, it is just a marketing creation that is more limited in the multi-media formats used than any of its competitors.
[/li][li] Back to iTUNES, they are being investigated for price fixing. Apparently one label races the price of some music, then iTUNES goes and raises the price of ALL music, just so they can make more money and to effectively up the anti for what consumers pay. There is no consideration for artists, innovation, quality, etc. Interesting how the royalty free, open source formats like Ogg Vorbis, and the handful of lossless formats cannot playh on the IpUSS.
[/li][li] The best thing to do is to vote with your dollars. Just DON’T download from iTUNES or any other site that supports DRM. If you have to, purchase used CDs and DVDs. Look for non-RIAA labels.
[/li][li]Tell these controlled download services that until they give you a choice of format as well as sell only files with DRM, you will NOT be a cuwstomer. I download from a legal site where I can choose the format of the audio file, if a losless format is available, then it is mopre than fair for me to pay more because the download is more and there is some encoding time envolved. I can also choose MP3, MP4, Ogg and I pick the quality of each format. No DRM.
[/li][li]Do not purchase any portable or home media players that do NOT support competetive, open source or regulation free formats. DO NOT use any format that starts with a “W”.
[/li][li] If DRM is used, or Ogg Vorbis is not supported or MPEG4 video formats are not supported, I say no thanks !! Then when I receive more marketing material, like from these bozos at audible.com, where they keep offering more and more free books, I tell ask them if they are still limiting their formats and using DRM. They say yes, I say no !! There are other audio book companies that are out that are selling DRMless audio books.
[/li][li]Ask the crooks at the media companies on why they don’t re-release media that was stopped from release or some great VCR movies that were nover moved to DVD or why the have zero in their budgets for “New Artist Development”.
[/li][li]The Fair Use law in the U.S. allows for your media to be backup up, but then again, new laws have been made to make it illegal to use any products that allow backups to be made.
[/li][li]Back in the Reel to Reel tape days when the RIAA said the same stupid thing about how Reel to Reel tape was going to destroy the music business. They did arrange to receive some money for all blank Reel to Reel tape that was supposed to go back to the artists. The artists never received a dime and of course hoem recording has always meant increase sales.
[/li][li]The same crap happened with the release of Cassette tapes. It was going to be the end. Instead a fortune was made by the large music companies. For blank cassettes, a dollar was sent to the RIAA members to be given to the artists for any income they lost. Of coourse they never receive a penny.
[/li][li]The people who the RIAA companies and MIAA companies used to fight were the technology companies that came out with innovations in multi-media tools.
[/li][li]The tech companies always won, because it made no sense what so ever to stop items like VCRs, casette decks and Reel to Reel tape decks from not being sold to consumers.
[/li][li]The RIAA companies were successful in lowering the quality of audio tapes that were sold to consumers. They did suppress DAT (Digital Audio Tape) from and its recorders and players from coming into the market place. I am sure they wouond up loosing money on this one.
[/li][li]Now that things have changed in the modern global economy where there are monopolies and oligopolies and Corporate control of law makers, we can see Apple and Microsoft just coming in for the kill. Complete control.


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Exactly. He ought to ask questions about real DRM people encounter or about real ways to circumvent copy-protection such as:

1)Game copy protection
4)Windows Activation
5)Fairtunes or windows media drm
6)hymn - for unprotecting fairtunes
7)DVD Decrypter
etc etc

Worded properly, a very good survey could be constructed.