Opinions about the new Buffalo BR3D-12U3 external Blu-ray writer



Hello all,

I’m thinking about buying this baby soon for my incoming new laptop (equipped with 2 USB 3.0 ports).

I would like to hear some opinions about this brand, if this model is a re-branded model (Pioneer and the like) and if anyone on this forum has it and/or knows any review on the Internet (I have found no reviews for this model so far). My main concern is the noise when playing movies (I’m planning to use my laptop together with the BR drive as an HTPC). Also I’d like to know if Buffalo drives support OverBurn like LG’s (an interesting feature), since 12x BD-R media don’t exist yet, AFAIK (at least, in Europe).

The price is very appealing: 269€ (I think it’s fine for a top performance external BD re-writer).

If anyone knows similar models from another brands (supporting 12x writes via eSATA or USB 3.0), please let me know too.

Thank you very much for your help.


As I promised in a chat session :stuck_out_tongue: , I’m going to tell some details revealed by the official support:

  • This drive does support OverBurn. The Buffalo Team has achieved to burn Panasonic 6x BD-R media at an impressive 12x writing speed!!

  • Buffalotech does not make the internal ODD and they don’t advertise which model is used as it is subject to change during the life of this product.

  • The drive is quite silent, it’s not much noisier than a normal notebook fan.

  • Using a high performance i7 processor, the Buffalo Team achieved a measured result of
    Actual measured performance was 7.6x writing speed without Turbo USB (for USB 2 ports)
    Actual measured performance was 7.8x writing speed with Turbo USB (for USB 2 ports)

  • TurboUSB is an application designed to optomize data transfer over the USB bus. The main criteria for TurboUSB is that you have a working USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, not the CPU (although faster CPU is better). This application comes with the drive bundle.

So it seems a very PROMISING drive… I’m thinking of pulling the trigger right now ! :smiley: