Opinion on scan please

Well I’ve been reading this forum for awhile now so I thought I would go ahead and join. Could you please give me your opinion on this scan.
I have a Lite-on 1633s cross flashed to 1653s CSOP. Disk was verbatim mcc004 16x burnt @ 8x

Look´s very good. :clap:

@ stryfe2010

Welcome to our forums. Your scan is perfect. I wish mine were always that way. Only, it’s much better to save the scan (clicking the save button in the upper bar) as .png file and attach the saved file to your post using “Go advanced-Manage attachments”. The file size is very small and the results are much better visible.
I just upgraded my drive with CS0T. I Hope my next result equals yours!

:bow: Leo

Will someone tell me what is going on here? I have flashed from cs0p to cs0t and burning quality seems to have deteriorated. Could cs0t be this bad?

The first scan shows disc burned with cs0p at 8x
The second scan shows the same media burned with cs0t but at 4x !!!

It cant be seen clearly but the first scan is better. The problem are these strange spikes. They appear at almost the same spot on both scans. What can it be? Is it up to drive or disc?

I think I will be returning to good trusty cs0p after this.
Does anyone else have any scans to share and why isn’t there a post for cs0t firmware like there was for every previous version?

I need some explanation about the spikes please.
Is anyone using 1653s cs0t?