Opinion on new Lite-On DVD-ROM



I have always bought Lite-On drives since I bought my first Lite-on a 24102B per the advice of users on this forum. I purchased a Lite-on 16x DVD-ROM a while back (model # LTD163D) and have always been more than satisfied with its abilitys. After about 2 years or so this drive has finally begun to fail me. I have 2 drives (My LTD163D and a SOHW-1633S) I use this drive mainly for PC game copying and DVD movie ripping/encoding and as my go to drive when I need to read any CD. I use my DVD-Burner as little as possible since it is much more pricey. I need advice on purchasing a new Lite-On DVD-ROM. There are many many models to choose from and I am looking for the best model out there for copying games and movies. If I could find a place to buy a brand new LTD163D I would. Links to reviews would be nice and any and all advice is welcome and appreciated. I usually purchase my hardware from newegg.com but the only Lite-On DVD-ROM they seem to currently have available is a 16P9S. SO an alternate purchasing location may be in order.