Opinion on NEC ND-6500A

My feelings are extremely mixed. I’m coming from a year old+ Plextor PX-708UF (connected via usb2.0) and it definitely read discs a helluva alot faster (via burst mode [ie. hold down the button before putting disc in]). Even after flashing the NEC to 2.23 (from 2.02c) the read speeds still aren’t up to par with the old 708UF. I’ve yet to test the writes yet as the only media I have is RITEKG05 so I won’t be able to test 8X. Sometime next Wendesday my order from Rima will arrive and I’ll be able to test the write speeds and quality.

I really don’t know. I feel like putting this back on eBay and just going with a LiteOn in an enclosure. I really would of liked the portability of this drive, but jesus… its just really not up to snuff in my opinion thus far. =\ :sad:

Edit: just burned a G05 at: Average Write Rate: 4,918 KB/s (3.6x) - Maximum Write Rate: 5,788 KB/s (4.2x). It took 16mins 25secs. I guess thats acceptable for 4X with an slimdrive? The real test will be burning @ 8X with the TY. If the time is literally cut in half (or closer to 9mins) then I’ll think about keeping this drive. If its not, I think I’m going to eBay it. Also, I’ll be posting Kprobe scans of the burn I just did with the NEC and a burn of the same media/dvdr with the 708UF (both default speeds).


Here are the scans as promised. Not bad I guess, eh? First one is of the NEC ND-6500A (forgot to mention I’m using Liggy’s 2.23 firmware), RITEKG05@4X… second one is of the Plextor PX-708UF, RITEKG05@4X. :wink:

No one else has any opinions on this drive or on those scans? I’m assuming those scans are beyond excellent, no? Too bad more people don’t have this drive so there’d be more discussion and more firmware. :wink:

I 16:47:02 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:32:08
I 16:47:02 Average Read Rate: 4,323 KB/s (3.1x) - Maximum Read Rate: 6,280 KB/s (4.5x)

That sucks. I wish there was a way to make DVD9 reading a bit faster. =\

I’ve got one. I like it a whole lot better than the 5500(actually 5100@5500), but this one is a 6100@6500. I haven’t had a bad burn yet. It does what it is supposed to. I haven’t really looked at the read speeds. Fits in my laptop, always there ready to go. I don’t have to lug around an external case. Works for me. I’d say my 8x burns are right around 9-10 mins average using Prodisc and TY media.

Akamatsu, I think you pretty much summed it up. It does what its meant to do well in a nice little package. I sold the 708UF to get this drive and I guess I’ll live with the tad bit slower read speeds. The portability is great. Can’t belive more people aren’t talking about this drive! I’m also surprised there isn’t more firmware available for it (I’m using Liggy’s).

I have one of these and it is in my new Compaq V2135 laptop and you cannot even tell it is an aftermarket drive the front cover off the compaq drive fit perfectly on the drive and I am very happy with it, it works just fine and better then the original LG 4080n DVDRW drive the laptop came with.

Hi, new to the forum. Glad you guys like the drive…As for mine-can’t get it to burn DVD-R. Tried Memorex(yes cheap), then found the prefferred media list and tried Vebatim DVD-R 8x same results…Invalid media error message and won’t attempt a burn. Burns CDR’s ok. I just got this drive to upgrade my Dell 5100 Inspiron laptop so I could hopefully copy some home movies from HI8mm to DVD. I’m really new to working with DVDs so bear with me please. I’m running XP-Pro with 620 Ram, 2.4P4 FW is 202C I think. I only have Dazzle DVD burning SW. Also have Roxio, but looks like its only for CDRs. I have a copy of Nero(not installed yet), but not sure if it’ll burn DVDs or not. Spent 3 hours on the phone with Dell(on hold that is!). One tech guy said the drive should have shipped with Sonic Wave SW, but none came with. Then he says I need to send the drive back and order a Sony DW-D56A slim drive combo burner. Finally got one of them to ship me the Sonic Wave, but I don’t know if thats gonna do the trick or not. seams like this drive should work with other SW not just Sonic Wave. Any help would be greatly appreciated :confused:

Don’t let them send you a Sony DW-R56A unless you want to make sure you can’t burn DVD-R without using hacked firmware. The NEC should burn DVD-R just fine without upgrading the firmware from 2.02C. Nero would be where you’d want to start (out of the software you listed), or you could compile and ISO by some other means and try to burn it to DVD-R via dvd decrypter or something of the likes. Anyhow, the Sony drive doesn’t burn DVD-R by default, the NEC does. Stick with the NEC. You may want to use hacked firmware on the NEC, but its upto you. I’m using Liggy’s 2.23 firmware (around here in a 6 page 6500 thread).

Here’s a scan of a burn on TYG02 (8X DVD-R Taiyo Yuden) media at 8x: