Opinion on my burn with my DW1655


I’ve just burned a DVD on Verbatim -R media code MCC 02RG20. As you can see the disk appears to have quite a few errors towards the end and the quality score appears as 0%?

The burning prog is Nero 7 and the PC is an AMD 4400+ overclocked to 2.5Ghz.

I must admit to being a bit disappointed given the rave reviews of this drive. I’m on XP with SP2.

Any opinions?

Wow. I have a 1655 and I’ve never had a burn that looks like that!

Do you have WOPC or SB enabled? Do you have QSuite installed? If so, try turning SB and WOPC off. Make sure OS is not turned on. Also, what was your burn speed? There is alot of variables that are user controlled with this drive that affect burn quality, and you may have to try a few to find the right combination for different media.

Actually I would recommend SolidBurn/OverSpeed off and WOPC on first.

Where did you buy the Verbatim? There are many reports of fake Verbatim in the EU market.

Also, did you manually add “recorded with BenQ DVD LS DW1655” on the graph? I didn’t know that Nero 7 can do that.

Try another disc, a different brand media and see what happen??

The Vertbatim were bought from PC World - it was after they started stamping down prices :smiley:

The text on the graph was automatically put there by Nero. I’ve also got Alcohol 120% installed - do you think these programs can co-habit successfully?

Also, I checked in device manager, this device is showing as Ultra DMA2 - is this right?

FYI burn speed was a X8.

Will try a burn with the settings mentioned above.


I had simular results when I scanned right after I burned with solidburn on, not sure why (heat issue?)…but after letting the drive/disk cool a bit, ejecting and reinserting the disk, and then rescanning the disk I got completly different results without the big rise.

As far as rave reviews, I like the drive but its not my favorite yet…

Good point but these scans were done with a “cool” drive.

I had a TYG02 burn like that once don’t know what happened but did another burn on the same media right away without problems and haven’t had any since. If you still have trouble drop the O/C and try again. Maybe your PCI bus is not locked??

I changed the media to a Datasafe -R (RITEKG04) and turned off SB. WOPC was already enabled.

Slightly better results but still not what I would consider impressive.

The PCI bus is locked on my LAN Party DFI mobo so I can more or less rule out overclocking.

I only notice this on DVD-R scans but not +R scans. Even discs that I burned over a year ago will show which burner I used so I think this only happens on -R disc.

Thats a very good burn.

Heres my Verbatim dvd-r 8x burn with SB off WOPC on OS off
slight rise if pie at end but that doesnt mean much (infact is not even counted in the excellent 99 score!)…PIF is excellent. Remeber with 8x scanning your going to notice a rise in pie at the end as the speed gets higher…we are kind of cheating the scan process here to get quicker scans…standard is 1x but who wants to wait all night for a scan. I will rescan this on my liteon to show you this disk at 4x.

Nice burn Jamos. :clap: I’ve never had any luck with MCC02RG20 (Verbatim branded).

I’m sure Dancing Beetle will like a KProbe scan, as one ex. Litey owner he is… :smiley:
Dancing Beetle, have you inspected the disc you posted? looks like bad laminating or “dirty” fingerprints.

In the ned of the day, it’s proven once more, it’s all up to media and your drives capability handling this media.

Well remembered Pinto! That Litey died a slow and agonising death. The DW1655 is the replacement.

The disc(s) in question were all brand new, straight from the spindle, held at the edges with nimble fingers, so I guess that it’s just bad media. It’s a shame really because I was hoping that with the DW1655 I wouldn’t have to go through all that analysis and testing that I did with the Liteon just to get good results.

Jameos, thanks for taking the time to burn one of these Verbatim disks, it looks like there is a massive difference in the quality from one spindle to another. Do you have a favourite disk that produces quality burns all the time?

With your drive i would suggest MCC004 Verbatim 16x. They burn very well at 16x and even better at 12x…and really 12x is just about as fast as 16x (maybe some 30 sec. difference) do not let anyone fool you :iagree: