Opinion of the way slysoft lets us use trial clonecd

I downloaded trial version of clone cd 21 days ago and never used it ever since. I now cannot use it and have to buy it. I only used it 4 times which is a rip off considering how less I used it.

Don’t you think that the trial version should be based on how many times you use it instead of how many days you have it installed?

Sometimes you get a trial software for a certain number of days and you never use it because you have to go to somewhere for an emergency, or your computer breaks down and it takes 3 weeks to fix and you have the software intalled.

How can it possibly be a rip-off when you haven’t paid anything for it? :confused: :doh:

That is my question as well. :iagree:

I feel your pain, but when I dowload trial software such as this, clearly marked with a day limit, I always plan my time so I can give it a good workout. I think Slysoft does a good job with all of these programs and their 21 day period really is fair.

If you didn’t notice, you can still get this software for $29 with coupons, either “cdfreaks” or “afterdawn” should work.

I think I first used Clone CD 4-5 years ago; I recommend it.

I am a bit puzzeled by your use of the phrase ‘rip off’ - For example how many days free evaluation does say, Microsoft give you? It explicitly stated 21 days – and it is even helpful enough to remind you every time you open it how many days you have left. Personally if I don’t like a bit of software, I normally know within minutes of using it, never mind 21 days!!

First you say you’ve never used, then you say you “only” used it 4 times. If you’ve used it 4 times, then you should know if it is appropriate for what you want to do (The first disc I burnt with it was when I knew it worked well enough for me). Although I am sympathetic in that I, sometimes, only need to use a piece of software only once in a while and it would be nice if some went by the number of times you actually ran the program, but approx. 95% of the shareware I have ever seen has the time limitation and not the number of uses limitation. Not to mention that most shareware authors are very up front with the time limitation, so if you agreed to that when you loaded the software on your computer, then you really don’t have much of a complaint.

If they are good enough to let you use the software for 21 days for free what’s the problem? I’ve been using it almost every day and am very pleased with the results. Can someone tell me where to go when signing out to get the $10 coupon code? Thanks