Opinion of best DVD / HDD recorder for under $500 USD



title says it all. i’m looking to spend about $500 USD to get a new DVD recorder that has a hard drive in it. I have a JVC that is a few years old and i’ve loved it. i’m updating my system now and this component is next. i would like it to be able to…

-160 gb hdd or a little more, but more isn’t as important…160 is good
-upscale to 1080p
-hdmi input (for cable to hdd) or component video + digital audio
-hdmi output (to reciever) or component video + digital audio

-software should be able to label timed recording so if i have a week done, it doesn’t auto label it with a time, i want to put a name on it. this isn’t hugely important, but would be nice.

-software should be able to remove commercials…meaning cut it where i want, and splice pieces together to make one dvd.

the first three desires are easy to look around at. but the software is the reason i’m here. i’ve read a lot of great info here on other products and now i wanted some help.

btw, great site and knowledge passing.



any opinions out there?


The Philips DVDR3575 and 3576 will do most of what you want,
but not auto label timed recordings, you have to name them after
they’re done.