Opinion: Kazaa settlement is morally wrong

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 Ray Beckerman used our news submit to tell us: "I have seen  reports that Kazaa has entered into a settlement with the RIAA,  under which it will seek to sell "licensed" RIAA music throught p2p...
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A good question has been raised, however we can’t let logic or morality get in the way of the recording industry’s $diety given right to double dip.

Many of the fine people who are being terrorized by the RIAA are in this mess because of Kazaa, and a settlement which gets Kazaa off the hook with the RIAA but doesn’t do anything for the good folks who took Kazaa at its word, is not something I find comforting in the least.
That’s a load of bull. While Kazaa did nothing to prevent it, and profited richly from the infringement that took place over their network and using their software, they have ALWAYS warned on their site that it was NOT OK to use their software/network to up- or download copyrighted material. People that ignored that warning are NOT fine people and only have themselves to blame if they are now being sued by the RIAA or MPAA. Users being sued by RIAA/MPAA have NO legal standing at all to sue Kazaa. Wd

if thats the case then why have kazaa shyed away from it all. Their initial argument was that they had no control, now it seems it’s every man for themselves. Tosses.

What I love is how NONE of hte monies from this will go towards the artists they are hurting. Instead the monies will go into the funds to fight piracy. So I guess even when the RIAA fights for the artists they represent they still deny them payment. NICE TO HAVE THESE GUYS LOOKING OUT FOR YOU EH!

Did you hear the one about the guy who used the words “morals” and “RIAA” in the same sentence? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! :S

That’s what I was thinking. I never recalled Kazaa misleading people into thinking it was legal.

I’ve always thought it was funny that the RIAA claims they’re fighting to protect the artists anyway. Artists make a pittance from each CD sold. Yeah, sure, when you’re looking at several million CDs, that’s still good money, but my point is, if 100 people illegally obtain an album by Hole (as an example, because I really doubt anyone buys Hole’s “music” anyway), all that means is one less line Courtney Love can snort next week. The record companies are the ones making huge bank from record sales, and I don’t think they’re hurting for money. Let a record exec try living my life for a while. :r

It never ceases to amaze me what the RIAA would do to make a few quick bucks: :slight_smile: http://www.randomspot.com/2006/07/29/124/

  1. Kazaa hid from its users that it was defaulting to sharing files, and made it difficult to disable that feature, or to control what files were being shared. There is abundant testimony and other evidence on this, and the RIAA has admitted it. 2. In Interscope v. Duty the judge opined that the defendant would have a good case to cross-sue against Kazaa.